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Alex Youshock

San Mateo HS Attack Planned For Months:

Collision Course: Teacher Schools Would-Be Terrorist;

School attack suspect held without bail:

First I want to talk about that picture. That is a picture of Alex Youshock posing with his pipe bombs. The only thing I could find out about the pic was that it police sources say it’s Youshock. Now on the less edited photo, it has some kind of text that says “My resolutions for your actions.” This leads me to believe that Youshock may have made some kind of video. If he did make a video that would put him one step close to being another unoriginal mutant.

The pipes for the bomb were purchased at Home Depot but the explosives were bought over the internet. From what I understand they were model rocket rockets. So model rocket hobbyists, expect your hobby to be regulated. But I can see how that could get past a parent.

Youshock allegedly carried the infamous chainsaw in a guitar case. So now he thinks he’s a cross between Leatherface and El Mariachi. What a maroon.

And for those of you who I’m sure will come forth and unbelievably say that he wasn’t really trying to hurt someone this is for you. After the initial bombs went off he ran towards the fleeing students and he also had rubber doorstops supposedly to keep his victims inside the classroom if he had thrown the bombs inside.

And how is this for being a big bad criminal? He had his mommy drive him to the school under the guise that he was visiting ‘a friend’.

It also seems that his intended target was in fact chemistry teacher Meghan Spalding blaming her for some of his bad grades. I got tons of bad grades in high school. While young punks blame the teachers the fault actually lies with you. Youshock is now being said to have dropped out of Hillsdale High.

He’s being held without bail as an adult but he’s still being held in a juvenile facility. He’s looking at a life sentence.

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