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John Hock

John Hock

Lawyer: Video fails to show Internet rape:

The lawyer for everyone’s favorite internet attention whoring emo douchebag John Hock says that there is no rape on the infamous Stickam video because there was no penetration.

That contradicts what some of his own defenders have said on this very site. More than one commenter has said that some ‘sexual stuff’ did take place. They didn’t elaborate on what ‘sexual stuff’ means but I doubt it means the kiss on the cheek that Hock’s lawyer claims is the only thing remotely sexual that happened.

His lawyer even goes one step further by trying to bring internet drama into the courtroom. He claims that the whole situation was orchestrated by the owner of who the lawyer claims is an enemy of Hock.

Stickydrama’s owner, Christopher Stone, said he regularly criticized Hock on his Web site for his crude behavior, but enemy is too strong of a word.

“Sure I didn’t like him, but I also don’t like Pat Buchanan, but am I an enemy of Pat Buchanan,” Stone said.

Not surprisingly, in my opinion, the emo douchebag’s lawyer is also a douchebag.

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