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Defendant in ‘Juggalo’ murder case makes requests:

19-year-old Shawn Freemore, aka Skippy Critter, has made some requests in his upcoming murder trial. Freemore, along with fellow Juggalo Ian Seagraves, aka ThrOwT Stabba, are accused of stabbing ex-serviceman Michael Goucher to death.

Skippy is asking the court to dismiss some of the statements he made, dismiss a robbery charge against him, and to try him separately from Seagraves.

I find that last part the most interesting. It seems the Juggalos are a ‘family’ until more than one of them are facing the heat then they’re very eager to flip on each other.

What else I find interesting about the article was the parents who are making excuses for their kids…

Seagraves’ mother said he couldn’t have helped kill anyone because he was home that night.

Freemore’s parents, Ryan and Patricia Freemore, appeared in court Thursday to show support for him.

“No one who knows Shawn can believe any of this,” Patricia Freemore said. “It’s so unlike him. Maybe it was those drugs they were taking. He’s always been so gentle and polite, mild-mannered, fun to be with.”

Yeah…I’m sure they were regular boy scouts.

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