CNN on the West Memphis 3

Damien Echols

Damien Echols

Victims’ parents remain divided over West Memphis 3 case:

It seems that has run out of Jon & Kate and Casey Anthony news to write about and decided to post an article about the West Memphis 3 for some reason.

Nothing new in the article but it brought the black nail polished outcast masses to their keyboards to comment on the article.

And once again the comments show that the WM3 supporters are still made up of two factions. The ones who think that Mark Byers did it or the ones that used to think that Mark Byers did it but now think Terry Hobbs did because of the so-called DNA evidence. The real funny thing is I don’t think they care who really did it as long as Damien Echols gets released. Which is kind of the same thing they say put Echols in jail in the first place. So in my opinion it seems they don’t care if a wrongly accused man gets put in jail as long as Echols is free. And I say Echols because like I’ve contended this has always been about him.

Again I say that maybe the fact that Echols and friends are still in jail and have had all their appeals denied is because they’re actually guilty and it’s not just some anti-metal-goth-wiccan-pagan conspiracy. But the WM3 supporters won’t dare to step out of their black box to actually think that.

Fetch me a knife boy

Child gets knife for dad during attack:

Richard Powell of Austin, Texas was arrested for allegedly choking his girlfriend and threatening her with a knife during an argument. Reports say that he held the knife over his girlfriend saying that he could kill her at anytime.

What lands him here is that sometime during the argument he told his son to go get him a knife which his son did. I couldn’t find an article that gave the son’s age. Powell is 26. Let’s assume he was no younger than 18 when his son was born. That would make his son 8-years-old or younger.

So not only is Powell a bastard for beating his girlfriend and doing it in front of his son but he’s such a coward that he had to get his young son involved.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Craigslist child pimps plead guilty

Story points to potential social networking dangers:

I originally posted about Robert Harris and Richard Johnson here. They were half of a four man crew that were running a prostitution ring on craigslist  in Millersville, Maryland in order to buy ecstasy and gold teeth. Which I think in this context are pronounced ‘teef’.

That crew was also prostituting out underage girls from Ohio.

Harris and Johnson have both pleaded guilty.

According to authorities Harris also tried to tamper with witnesses from behind bars.

The other half of the crew, Craig Allen Corey and Jacob Tyler, are still awaiting trial.

Harris and Johnson are still facing life behind bars.

Low Mass of the Dawn

Little-known Mass celebrated in Phila:

I thought this was an interesting article about a Christmas Mass that I never heard of called the Low Mass of the Dawn or the Shepherds’ Mass. Basically it’s just a stripped down low-key mass without all the hippy songs and lifeless repetition from the congregation. Just the Liturgy.

If the Catholic Church had more services like that and less Vatican II stuff I might actually consider returning to the fold.

Low Mass of the Dawn would also be a cool album name.

Stealing Tools

Denver baby beaten so badly mom “couldn’t even recognize” him; parents charged in death:

Speaking of tools those two tools are Travis Anderson and Crystal Eccleston of Denver, Colorado. He’s been charged with murder and she’s been charged with failure to seek treatment.

It’s alleged that Anderson beat their 20-day-old son so bad that his the boy’s own mother, Eccleston, didn’t even recognize him. However instead of taking the baby to the hospital she gave him a bath where he was non-responsive. Anderson on the other hand went out to steal some tools and then came home to look them up on the internet because apparently he didn’t know what he was stealing.

Seven hours later they took their baby to the hospital.

According to a probable cause statement, doctors at Children’s Hospital in Aurora who examined Sean Anderson when he arrived Dec. 15 said he had two skull fractures, profuse bleeding of the brain; bruises on the scalp; and what appeared to be burns on his face and foot.

Sean Anderson died four days later. Doctors had to remove a part of his skull to relieve the swelling of his brain.

Anderson and Eccleston are a lethal combination of evil and stupid.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

God helps those who helps themselves

Lasara couple charged with daughter’s death:

I make no bones I am a man of faith and a believer in Christ. However I am not stupid enough to rely on faith alone when someone is deathly ill. I am also a firm believer in Western medical science.

Apparently Maria de Jesus and Elias Coronado of Lasara, Texas don’t have all of the same beliefs I do. They’ve been charged with manslaughter for removing their 16-year-old daughter’s insulin pump saying that she had been healed by God. She just happened to need that insulin pump to live.

I just don’t understand why people seem to think that religion and medicine have to be mutually exclusive. Shouldn’t most of modern medicine be seen as gift from God?

My own mother is currently going through chemo treatment for a tumor and she is progressing wonderfully. I thank God everyday for the treatment she’s receiving from doctors.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.

Another 3rd party rape set up through craigslist

Rape suspects remain in jail:

In a case that bears a striking resemblance to the one that happened near me in Kannapolis, NC two men have been arrested for the rape of woman who was set up through craigslist.

27-year-old Jebidiah James Stipe of Twentynine Palms, California has been arrested for allegedly setting up the rape of a woman in Natrona County, Wyoming through craigslist. 26-year-old Ty Oliver McDowell of Casper has been arrested for the rape itself. The rape is said to have taken place on December 11th.

What is unclear at this time is Stipe’s relationship to the victim and what the ad that solicited the rape said.

Of course the EFF is quick to defend craigslist…

Matt Zimmerman, senior staff attorney at Electronic Frontier Foundation in California, said Craigslist is protected from liability for posting ads requesting illegal activity under the 1996 Federal Communications Act.

“The law is pretty clearly on the side of Craigslist and (other similar sites),” Zimmerman said.

“To give Craigslist a little credit, they negotiated an agreement with attorneys general across the country where they basically said, ‘We’re not obligated to do this, but we’ll do a number of things to alleviate your concerns,'” he said.

“That’s above and beyond what they’re required to do by law,” Zimmerman said.

You would think that being such an allegedly socially conscious organization that craigslist would do more than just the bare minimum of what the law requires.

Much like the ACLU the EFF is choosing the wrong battles and giving itself a credibility problem.

Considering that McDowell is also accused of violating the victim with a foreign object I don’t see how the EFF and craigslist can say that they’re doing enough.

22 bones

Cobb 2-month-old has 20 broken bones, skull fracture; parents in custody:

22-year-old Antoinette White and her main squeeze 32-year-old Kevin Straight, both of Cobb County, Georgia, have been arrested for breaking 22 bones of their 2-month-old daughter.

Police were called after the baby was taken to the hospital. I would love to know what they told the hospital. I wonder if they went for the old “falling out of the bed” or something new and original.

And for a woman that is supposedly 22 she looks a few decades older.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

Couple wanted in torture of boy

Couple Wanted in Torture of 5 Year Old Boy:

The cute couple over there is Martin Roland Morales (aka “Bullet”), 32, and Crystal Pauline Rodriguez, 28, of Apple Valley, California. They’re on the run from law enforcement on a $1M warrant for abusing and molesting a 5-year-old boy.

Sheriff’s deputies say the boy was burned with heated spoons and a glue gun, as well as deprived of food and water. The child was also sexually molested by Morales and other Males at an Apple Valley residence where Morales and Rodriguez were living, investigators say.

The thing is they’re not even the Breeders. The so called mother was arrested back in August along with a 16-year-old ‘roommate’ after a tip was called into children’s services.

I got nothing to add to that. How depraved must a woman be to live in a ‘home’ where her own flesh and blood is molested on a regular basis.

Stancl pleads no contest to Facebook blackmail rapes

Wis. teen reaches plea deal in Facebook sex scam:

19-year-old Anthony Stancl is the teen from Wisconsin who posed as a woman on Facebook in order to get his male classmates at New Berlin Eisenhower High School in Wisconsin to send him nude pics. Stancl would then blackmail the boys in to performing sex acts or as most normal humans call it, rape.

He was looking at 300 years behind bars but he reached a plea which not only spared the victims from testifying but may put Stancl behind bars for 50 years.

No date has been set for sentencing yet.