Coach seeking boys busted on craigslist

Micah Stern

Micah Stern

Graphic post on CraigsList lands Cedarburg native in jail:

Man arrested at Cedarburg McDonald’s on computer sex sting:

Man Busted in Sex Sting:

39-year-old Micah Stern (pictured) is from New York City. He was in Cedarburg, Wisconsin for a funeral. He must have been so grief-stricken in his mourning that he allegedly posted a graphic ad on craigslist.

The ad was entitled ‘Coach Seeking Boys’ and went on to read “I am into younger guys who like aggressive men”

The ad also contained a cartoon, which I bet was some form of anime, of a man and boy having sex.

A 14-year-old boy responded to an ad and Stern allegedly set up a meeting in the men’s room of a McDonalds in Cedarburg. Luckily the 14-year-old boy was actually an undercover state agent.

Now Stern’s alleged ad wasn’t placed in the adult services section or even the casual encounters section. It was posted in the Men seeking Men section. Where was the self policing on this one that craigslist and the EFF are so fond to flout about? Most gay men that I know are as equally as repulsed by child molestation as I am. Why wasn’t this ad flagged especially in such a small town setting?

How many ads like this go unflagged with children being molested?

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