Illegal caught with 13-year-old girl

Illegal immigrant accused of sexually assaulting juvenile:

You know the immigration problem is bad when there are illegals all the way up in New Hampshire. I like what Dennis Miller says, I don’t mind you coming in but at least sign  the guestbook.

Anyway, 20-year-old Wilfredo Cuellar-Mejia from El Salvador got caught in the house of a 13-year-old Nashua girl that he allegedly met in MySpace. The parents of the girl heard someone in the house and thought they were being robbed and called police.

Cuellar-Mejia, has been charged with 26 counts of felonious sexual assault which he could get 7 years for each count. He won’t though. And if he goes to jail since he’s here illegally he’ll be deported once he gets out.

He already has his defenders as someone posted in the comments of the article that the girl said she was 18. Again, maybe he should have checked her ID.

And once again parents, please check up on your kids internet habits or you might end up with an illegal alien in your house in the middle of the night playing grabass with your daughter.

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