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Jorge L. Alfrao

Jorge L. Alfrao

School attack plot suspect competent:

I originally posted about San Antonio, Texas mutant Jorge L. Alfaro here and here. Alfaro was arrested last year at the age of 22 for wanting to shoot up his former high school, Harland High School. His mom talked him out of it when he was leaving the house with an arsenal and body armor. She also turned him in. He was allegedly angry at his former high school about the way he was treated. He was also found to have writings about Columbine and Virginia Tech.

So like I said in my previous posts he carried this hate for 4 years and was going to attack a high school where if he was bullied, and boo hoo about that, none of his alleged tormenters would have even been there.

His attorney said that they would be seeking an insanity defense. However he has recently been ruled competent to stand trial.

He’s looking at 10 years behind bars if found guilty. I’m sure he’ll be nice and well-adjusted when he gets out.

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