Alec Eger pleads no contest to stabbing Billy Lee Black

Eger enters Alford plea in slaying of Hagerstown man:

20-year-old Alec Eger Hagerstown, Maryland is a sucker for a dame.

16-year-old Danielle Black solicited the murder of her father Billy Lee Black and claimed that her father was abusing her. The kid she asked to murder her dad turned her down. However Eger decided to be her knight in back armor and stabbed Billy Lee Black on Halloween day of 2008. There was never any evidence that Danielle Black was being abused and it’s believed that she wanted her father killed because he didn’t want her hanging out with her ‘outcast’ friends. She’s was charged as an adult and was sentenced to life.

Eger recently entered an Alford pleas which is the same as pleading no contest to the murder of Mr. Black. That basically means that he doesn’t admit guilt but realizes that prosecutors have enough to convict him.

With the plea Eger is spared life without parole however he is still looking at life behind bars.

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