Jolly Rancha sentenced to 13 years

I don’t know how I ever missed this scumbag.

Anyway, 39-year-old Dewey Edward Nelson, aka Jolly Rancha, of Hillsville, Virginia was sentenced to 13 years for having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met over MySpace

Nelson traveled to Texas to pick up the girl and brought her back to Virginia to have sex with her. The girl’s family moved to Kansas where Nelson traveled to again and picked up the girl and brought her back to Virginia.

When sentencing the judge said…

…he was sentencing Nelson above the mandatory minimum of 10 years because society required additional protection.

He’ll be 52 when he gets out. Society will still require additional protection then.

2 thoughts on “Jolly Rancha sentenced to 13 years”

  1. Ur an f’n idiot, no one cares about your little sex offender blog. U probably only follow these stories, because it sexually excites YOU! U can’t be doing it for the public good, because no one is reading your posts. Maybe, the FBI needs to look at your computer, phone, and social media activities. As the old saying goes: “me thinking thou doest protest too loudly.” Get a f’n life, and stop whacking ur little dick to these pedophile stories.


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