Craigslist home invasion leads to murder

Man killed, family assaulted in Craigslist home robbery:

Another craigslist related killing has happened this time in Edgewood, Washington.

A family had listed a diamond ring for sale on craigslist which sparked a home invasion.

43-year-old James Sanders was shot and killed in the invasion and his wife and son were assaulted during the attack.  Sanders was allegedly trying to protect his son when he was shot multiple times.

Police are looking for a woman and three men who are believed to be the perpetrators.

Police believe the suspects are also involved with another home invasion in Lake Stevens, Washington where they struck the home of a family advertising a flat screen TV on craigslist.

Below is the police sketch of the male suspects from the Lake Stevens invasion.


Once again yet another victim to the anonymity of craigslist. I’ve lost count again to how many craigslist murders this is but I want to say 15.

Odgren convicted

John Odgren

John Odgren

Odgren convicted of first-degree murder, faces life imprisonment:

John Odgren has been convicted of first degree murder in the 2007 stabbing death of 15-year-old James Alenson in the bathroom at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

The mandatory sentence for first degree murder is life without the possibility of parole. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Friday morning.

For those of you who think this some kind of miscarriage of justice because some people consider Odgren ‘special’ you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is a victory for people who have Asperger’s even though some will not admit it. This means that people with Asperger’s won’t be branded as dangerous or insane or killers in the making.

It’s also a victory for personal responsibility. It shows that we are all responsible for our own actions and that being socially awkward is no excuse for murder.

Burnout Breeder makes son smoke ‘God’s herb’

Police: Boy Forced To Smoke ‘God’s Herb’:

Chong over there is 38-year-old Richard Nazareth of Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pay attention to his last name as it becomes ironic in a little bit.

Anyway he’s accused of making his 11-year-old son smoke weed by shotgunning it into his son’s mouth in a bizarre pseudo religious ceremony where he made his son stand like Christ on the cross and called his weed God’s Herb.

Let me digress for a second because I’ve actually encountered burnouts like this. They get high all the time and try and defend their behavior by saying God made weed so why wouldn’t he want us to smoke it. To which I always reply “To test your stupidity. He also made Hemlock and Belladonna. Why don’t you go smoke some of that while you’re at it.”

It gets even more bizarre…

The next day, Nazareth took the children to a woman’s house for church, where Nazareth made his son smoke marijuana again and then made him imitate Jesus on the cross, the report stated.

After dinner, Nazareth placed one of his tears and the woman’s tears into a bottle of wine, then spit in it and added a drop of beer, police said. Nazareth then used the mixture to bless the house and made both children drink from it “before drinking some himself and sharing some” with the woman, the report stated.

Mmmmmmm. Backwash stew. I bet it was chunky.

By the way if you’re 38 with kids and still getting high it’s time to grow up.

Thanks to jj for the tip.

Pair busted for backpage child prostitution in Austin

Gholar and Russell

Gholar and Russell

Man and woman traveled around for prostitution, police say:

Meanwhile, while craigslist is getting pounded by the collective Attorneys General, Village Voice Media owned still escapes their wrath. Even with stories like this.

Linc and Julie over there (now I am really dating myself) are 35-year-old Quincy Gholar and 22-year-old Jennifer Russell. They were arrested in Austin, Texas for prostituting a 16-year-old girl from Mexico.

Yet I doubt a lot of AG’s even know what backpage is unless they utilize their services if you know what I mean. Or maybe because the soccer moms haven’t heard of backpage yet so the AGs really don’t have to do anything about it until voters know about it. Or maybe it’s because there has been no ‘Backpage killer’ yet like there was with craigslist.

Which ever it is the AGs collectively have their thumbs up their collective asses general.

Woman leaves kids in car while she drinks in bar

Mesa mom leaves kids in car while she goes into bar:

It’s not just men that leave their kids in the car so they can get their drink on.

In Phoenix, Arizona 27-year-old Rebecca Barrera was arrested for allegedly leaving her 6 and 8-year-olds sleeping in the unlocked car in the bar parking lot while the keys were in the car.

After police arrived and the DJ requested that the children’s parent(s) to go to the car Barrera allegedly claimed that she was a ‘friend’ of the mother and would go get her. And by going to get her she must have meant hiding out in the women’s restroom. Which is like trying to hide a joint in your cigarette pack. It’s the first place the cops will look.

After the brief manhunt (Womanhunt? personhunt? something that rhymes with hunt hunt?) Bararea blew a .152 BAC which puts her in 2nd place on the PBB BAC board. However you may say that ‘Trench, she’s not eligible for the board since she wasn’t driving.’ To which I say au contraire as she allegedly admitted to police not only drinking before getting to the bar but drinking on the way to the bar with the kids in the car. I believe that makes her more than eligible.

The kids supposedly slept through the whole thing until their aunt came to get them.

Step-Breeder poisoned boy

Stepmother accused of killing baby from Batavia:

Elmira mother accused of poisoning 21-month-old stepson pleads not guilty:

I can’t remember the last time I posted a step-mother story before. Should we go with the classic Wicked Stepmother or the more modern Step-Monster.

Either way 24-year-old Melissa S. Englehardt of Elmira, New York fits the bill for both.

She has been arrested and charged in the November 2009 poisoning death of her 21-month-old stepson Andrew Cianfrini of Batavia, NY. Englehart allegedly put methanol in Andrew’s juice. Methanol is an ingredient of antifreeze.

Police say that prior to Andrew’s visit with his father and his slampig of a wife that she searched on the net for ways to poison someone and that methanol was allegedly found in Andrew’s sippy cup.

She’s also pleaded not guilty on top of everything else.

I guess those web searches and the methanol are just coincidence.

I’ve watched a lot of true crime shows in my time and it seems that anti-freeze is the weapon of choice for women who want to get rid of a family member. My point is that she’s a stupid idiot because police and forensic experts know what to look for and you’re not the first person to think of this. The dumbest and most evil maybe but not the first.

Thanks to Tammy for the tip.

Buckmaster blogs about NYT article


Craigslist CEO Jim ‘Pimp Daddy’ Buckmaster has descended from his Bay Area ivory tower to blog about the New York Times article that alleges that at least a third of craigslist’s money is made from the prostitution ads and that they are no longer donating the sex ad money to charity. You can see Jimmy’s latest blog posts here and here.

However hell has partially frozen over because Jimmy and myself actually agree on something and that would be Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

I’ve been no fan of Blumenthal ever since he called out MySpace to protect kids from molesters rather than telling parents to do their damn jobs because MySpace isn’t a voter. Jimmy asks why isn’t Blumenthal picking on other outlets that have advertising for prostitution, even though he calls it adult services. That’s where Jimmy and myself agree because not only should Blumenthal be going after craigslist but also the Village Voice Media owned as well.

However that’s where the happy agreement party ends.

As usual Jimmy B is quick to point out that since all these other avenues have ‘adult services’ (read: prostitution/human trafficking ads) then it’s ok for craigslist to do it. Never once does he address the real concerns in his blog posts. He doesn’t address whether or not craigslist is still donating the sex ad money to charity or not or whether or not that craigslist makes a third of its income from those ads.

And again he states how high and mighty craigslist is when it comes to legal matters…

Of the thousands of US venues that carry adult service ads, including ones operated by some of our largest and best known companies, craigslist has done the best and most responsible job of combating child exploitation and human trafficking. Period. We would challenge anyone to find a company that goes anywhere near the lengths to which CL does.

I can think of several Jimmy. They would be the ones who don’t offer virtually anonymous ads that facilitate to child prostitution, human trafficking and rapes.

If you truly want to be a leader in your industry Jim remove adult services, remove casual encounters, or they will not only be the bane of craigslist’s existence but they will also be the cause of craigslist’s fall.

If you truly cared about child exploitation and human trafficking you would remove those sections.

Alex Pacheco pleads guilty

Alex Pacheco

Alex Pacheco

Colorado man pleads guilty in 13-year-old’s death:

Alex Pacheco pleads guilty in murder of Kelsey Shannon, 13, of Broomfield:

Tattoo over there is 19-year-old Alex Pacheco of Broomfield, Colorado. He’s a Juggalo that used to call himself “Tha Widowmaker”. Now he can call himself something else, convicted killer.

In January of last year Pacheco was arrested in the murder of 13-year-old Kelsey Shannon, his ‘girlfriend’. Pacheco  brutally murdered her by stabbing and choking her and then raping her corpse. And no I didn’t make that last part up.  Kelsey went missing in October of 2008 and her body wasn’t found until January of 2009.

Yesterday he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to 48 years behind bars. Personally I don’t why prosecutors offer sick sons of bitches like this plea deals. I would have rather seen this scumbag get the maximum. He had sex with her corpse for God’s sake. As part of the plea deal prosecutors dropped charges of first-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death and abuse of a corpse.

While he looks like an ugly Munchkin he is truly the face of unbridled evil. During his sentencing he said that she still loved Kelsey and that what he did was a “a brave, selfless act of love.” He even read passages from the Bible and had the audacity to try to lead Kesley’s family in prayer. As like most cowards that try to hide behind the Bible he must have skipped that whole “Thou shalt not kill” part. Pacheco also said…

“I am not a bad person, but I have done bad things, things that I regret,” Pacheco said. “I am not a killer, and I am not a rapist … but I have done very bad things.”

Considering that you killed her and raped her in that order that makes you more than a bad person and it does make you a killer and rapist. Not to mention the fact that you bragged about what you did to your idiot friends.

Did I mention that one of the charges dropped in the plea agreement was a sexual assault charge from while he was in jail? This is not some punk kid he’s nothing short of a homicidal psychopath.

And of course we have a family member defending him. Let’s go Pacheco’s father, Eugene Chavez…

“He’s a good kid. He made a bad mistake, and he admitted it,” Chavez said.

Bad mistake? Wearing a lime green tuxedo is a bad mistake. What Pacheco did was one of the most horrific crimes that one person could commit.  He not only admitted it he bragged about it.

 No sentence outside of death would be enough justice.

NYT: Craigslist no longer donating sex ad money

Sex Ads Seen Adding Revenue to Craigslist:

According to this article from the New York Times the Advanced Interactive Media Group claims that craigslist is on its way to making $122 Million this year. That is 22% more than the amount of last year’s projection.

Also according to the New York Times this because craigslist has stopped donating the money from the ‘Adult Services’ section.

Remember back to May of last year when craigslist said they were taking the $10 and $5 charges they get for the adult services and donating that money to charity? Yep, so do I. Well they are supposedly no longer donating that money to the tune of $36 Million kept in craigslist’s coffers.

In the e-mail message, Mr. Buckmaster said, “Misuse of Craigslist for criminal purposes is utterly unacceptable, and Craigslist will continue to work with its partners in law enforcement and at nongovernmental organizations until it is eliminated.”

He declined to say whether the company was continuing to donate revenue from sex ads to charity, but he said the company was continuing to develop its charitable initiatives.

Jimmy B. also used the they’re doing it so we can do it too defense…

“Of the thousands of U.S. venues that carry adult service ads, including venues operated by some of the largest and best known companies in the U.S., Craigslist has done the best and most responsible job of combating child exploitation and human trafficking.”

That’s like saying “in a world of sewers we’re top turd.”

The fact that you still allow these ads which in turn result in not just prostitution but also child prostitution and human trafficking shows that you’re really not doing anything to prevent these travesties from happening in the first place.

Instead of being reactive to the problem why don’t you be active in putting a stop to it. How about not waiting for law enforcement to contact you before acting and make the first strike by eliminating not only the adult services section but the casual encounters section as well.

Oh right. The $36 Million dollars. That’s why.

The praying for Obama’s death Facebook group

Facebook Page ‘Prays’ for Obama’s Death?:

So as I’m sure you know by now someone started a Facebook group that basically prays for the death of President Barack Obama. Here’s the wording:


While I do not (repeat do not) condone this Facebook group how many of you that are expressing moral outrage are doing so because it’s Barack Obama and not the office of the President of The United States?  Would those of you who are demanding the removal of this Facebook group have done the same if George W. Bush was still president?

Just askin’.