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Without truth there is no justice

Eger sentenced to life in prison:

The other day 20-year-old Alec S. Eger was sentenced to life in prison for the Halloween morning 2008 stabbing murder of 47-year-old Billy Lee Black.

If you’ll recall Eger fancied himself a white knight to Black’s daughter, then 16-year-old Danielle Black.

Danielle Black claimed to friends that her father was abusing her and even presented bruises. The bruises were more than likely self-inflicted. Danielle Black was convicted for soliciting Black’s murder however Eger was not the one she solicited the murder from.

In Eger’s sentencing the judge denied the defense’s request to have him sent to a prison with a mental health facility.

“The goal of the Patuxent Institution is to send a person back to society,” Dwyer said as relatives and friends of Eger and Black watched. “That’s not my goal, at least at this time.”

I’m happy that a killer was actually jailed for life however I don’t like the tone of ‘at this time’. Eger’s defense laid out about how Eger was abused as a child and the hard life he had to which Black’s widow replied that Black also was abused but Black refused to fall into that lifestyle.

“He said he’d never be like his father, and Alec had that choice, too,” Andrea Black said. “Life is what you make of it.”

How does the saying go? Choose wisely. If you don’t you’ll end up in jail for life. We are all responsible for our own actions.

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