California congresswoman urges craigslist to shut down adult services

Rep. Speier asks Craigslist to delete adult services section:

U.S. Representative Jackie Speier, a Democrat who represents California’s 12th congressional district, has urged craigslist to remove the adult services section or possibly face congressional action.

“I strongly urge you to eliminate this section from your Web site,” Speier said in a letter addressed to Craigslist Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster. “Now is a time to set a renewed example of zero tolerance and 100 percent vigilance.”

Speier also said she will ask U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello to help San Francisco’s Craigslist in “identifying additional methods that you may use to avoid the facilitation of prostitution and human trafficking.”

And Speier also said she was calling the House Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on “how Web sites such as yours and others are being used to facilitate criminal activity.”

Jimmy B, craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster took his sweet time in responding but eventually did…

“I’m confident you will soon realize shutting down portions of Craigslist is no answer, and in fact would be a big step in the wrong direction with respect to the very issues you have raised,” Buckmaster wrote.

“Trafficking and child exploitation are despicable, and while exceedingly rare on Craigslist, any ad facilitating crime is utterly unacceptable, and we work tirelessly with law enforcement to ensure any such victim receives the assistance they deserve and anyone responsible is prosecuted.”

“With 50 million Americans engaging in billions of human interactions each month, the overwhelming majority of which are well-intentioned, the incidence of crime on Craigslist is exceptionally low. However, our tolerance for crime is zero, and we welcome suggestions from US Attorney Russoneillo, and any other concerned party, for further preventing misuse.”

Sorry, I can’t read anything that Jimmy B says without seeing this picture…


If I had photoshop skills I would put Jimmy’s head on Bob’s body.

Anyway I’ve never seen a bigger pack of lies. Human trafficking and child prostitution are not exceedingly rare on craigslist as it happens every day. The only time that craigslist works with law enforcement is after a crime has been committed. They are not active in stopping trafficking but they are only reactive. And if their tolerance for crime really was zero not only would they remove adult services but they would remove casual encounters as well.

And not to flog a deceased equine but while Rep. Speier’s intentions are good she’s not going far enough as she should also be looking to take action against the Village Voice Media owned Backpage as well.

Missing Long Island craigslist prostitute was killed

Medford Man Pleads Not Guilty to Missing Woman’s Murder:

Another body is left in craigslist’s wake.

26-year-old Jennifer Papain of North Patchogue, New York was a craigslist prostitute who was allegedly killed by Chad Johnson of Medford, NY. Not the guy from the Bengals.

Anyway Johnson is accused of hiring Papain off of craigslist paying her for sex then strangling her to death when he wanted his money back.

Papain had been missing since March and Johnson is said to have led police to an area near the LIE where he left her in a shallow grave.

Yet craigslist still refuses to shut down the ‘adult services’ section that is allegedly for legitimate adult businesses.

And why no national media onslaught on this just the most recent murder tied to craigslist?

I think we all know why.

17-year-old twins pimp out teens on Backpage

Dolton teens accused of human trafficking:

If you thought the 18 and 19-year-old girls from Phoenix were the youngest Backpage human traffickers guess again.

Twin 17-year-old brothers, Myrelle Lockett and Tyrelle Lockett, of Dolton, Illinois have been arrested for forcing underage girls into prostitution on the Village Voice Media owned

And once again Village Voice Media is not called on the carpet like craigslist is by either the media or politicians.

Dyleski appeal denied by Supreme Court

Man loses appeal in Lafayette killing as teen:

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the appeal of Scott Dyleski’s life without parole sentence.

Dyleski was convicted of brutally killing Pam Vitale, the wife of attorney Daniel Horowitz. Dyleski was 16 at the time of the murder and was charged as an adult and was sentenced to life without parole.

The kid criminal crowd is once again using Dyleski as one of their poster children as why minors should not be tried as adults. Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, has proposed a state bill that if passed would see juveniles convicted of murder and sentenced to life would be eligible for parole in 25 years. That would allow them plenty of time to go out and kill again.

Life should mean life and death should mean death. No more of these bullcrap loopholes.

Ripper sings Dio

TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS Performs DIO Classics At Akron Bar/Restaurant:

Secretly I’ve always thought that Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens was the second coming of Ronnie James Dio. These videos of Ripper singing Man on the Silver Mountain and Children of the Sea literally gave me chills.

I’m not yet about to say the king is dead long live the king but damn if Ripper ain’t close.

Teacher indicted for trolling craigslist for child sex

Craigslist child sex ads, e-mails allegedly sent by Woodland teacher released:

How in the blue hell did I not hear about this one?

43-year-old Christopher Tomsett is a middle school teacher in Northern California. He’s also been indicted, and pleaded not guilty to, federal child porn charges. It seems that the good teacher tried to solicit child sex on craigslist of all places.

Just recently the details of some of those ads and e-mails have been released.

I’m 5’11” – 185 lbs looking for a smooth young boy to play with. I’m a top and prefer a smooth smaller guy – any race. Can travel or host. LTR prefered, but a boy to mess around with is cool too. The younger the better.

I’m 5’11” and 190 pounds looking for a smaller smooth bottom boy to use. You must be young (the younger the better) and smooth – hairy is a turn-off for me. All races cool. Into … nude wrestling, maybe kink, but mostly into aggressive play with a young guy. Can host or travel. Send stats and age as a minimum for any chance of a response. Don’t ask for a pic if you don’t send one yourself. If you’re not young, no response. Sounds picky but I’m tired of 45 year-olds telling me they’re a boy.

I’m 5’11” and 190 pounds looking for a smaller smooth submissive boy – the younger the better. Into almost anything you can think of, from laying naked in bed all day … and kink. Dad/son, coach/jock, or paperboy scenes possible, but in the end I just want a boy who wants a dad to take charge and have fun. Send age/stats and what you’re looking for. Prefer under 21 unless you’re young looking and smooth.

And those are the tame ones.

Investigators also allegedly found over 11,000 child porn files on his computer but let’s go back to the ads for a second.

I can almost guarantee that these ads were in the casual encounters section. Once again I have to ask where was the highly touted community policing? Why were the ads not pulled? It’s pretty obvious what these ads were soliciting and I can only imagine what the more explicit ones said.

Shut it down Jim. Casual encounters serves no real purpose.

Ray Gagnon pleads guilty to more child porn charges

Ex-stepfather pleads guilty in child pornography case:

Speaking of Brooke Bennett, because we were, the other pedophile in her unfortunate family is back in the news.

Her ex-stepfather Ray Gagnon has pleaded guilty to child porn charges against him in the state of Alabama.

The man has so many child porn charges I swear this feels like a repeat.

Gagnon also admitted that he and Jacques had simultaneous sex with an underage girl in Vermont. Ick.

He also admitted to advising his landlord in San Antonio to throwing out his infamous laptop which contained a pretty good sized cache of child porn and information on the altered MySpace page of Brooke Bennett. If you’ll recall Michael Jacques altered Brooke’s MySpace page to make it look like she ran away rather than being dead at his hands.

If you ask me Gagnon is complicit in assisting Jacques with covering up his crime. In a perfect world that would make him eligible for the death penalty too.

Michael Jacques plotted from prison say feds

Feds say Jacques tried to manipulate investigation:

Federal investigators say that the alleged rapist and killer of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett was trying to throw the investigation off track even while behind bars.

Investigators say that Michael Jacques hatched a plot to have a series of e-mails sent to media, investigators and witnesses.

A message Jacques allegedly wrote from prison “…threatened that J1’s little sister (then nine years-old) would ‘die like Brooke’ if J1 did not continue to give false statements to officials,” court papers state.

The message written from prison intended for J1 was made to look like it was from the “Breckenridge Program,” a “powerful cartel” that purportedly provided sex training to girls, which police later determined was a fabrication, court papers show.

Jacques allegedly hand wrote the e-mails that he wanted sent and sent the hand written notes to a friend in Arizona. That ‘friend’ promptly rolled over and cooperated with investigators.

That kind of bullcrap scheme may have worked on your 12-year-old niece and victim but do you really think you’re smarter than the entire FBI?

What was next, a plan so crazy that it just might work until you were foiled by those meddling kids?

This is just one of the many reasons why pedophiles are pathetic. They prey on children because they don’t have the mental capabilities to outwit an adult.

Death can’t come soon enough for Jacques.

Adam Cullison hurled a baby bottle at infant’s head

St. Pete man in jail on child abuse charge:

Here we go again with the Bad Boyfriends who can’t stand babies that cry.

This time we go to the Sunshine State of Florida. St Petersburg to be exact.

That’s where 25-year-old Adam Cullison was baby sitting his girlfriend’s infant while the girlfriend was at school.

Cullison was trying to feed the baby but the baby wouldn’t stop crying. That is when Cullison allegedly threw the bottle of formula striking the baby in the head. When I first read that I thought it was the can of baby formula. Thankfully it was only the bottle. While the child was still abused if the baby had been hit by the formula can I would be posting a much different story.

Anyway, he allegedly also threw the baby onto the couch as well.

The mother took the baby to the hospital; for a fever where the abuse was uncovered.

How many times do we have to tell you idiot boyfriends? BABIES CRY!!! That’s what they do. That’s why they’re called BABIES.

If you can’t handle a baby crying get out of the relationship now because you’ll be hearing it for a while.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.

Fred Phelps dares tangle with the master



You know, I’ve been keeping quiet about Fred Phelps and his merry band of assclowns from the Westboro Baptist Church for a few years now. In case you don’t know who they are they’re the ‘God hates fags’ church. And I use the term church very loosely. In the past they’ve been known to protest the funerals of AIDS victims, gay people who have been killed in hate crimes and even those in our military who gave their lives for their country so asshats like Phelps can be guaranteed his free speech.

I’ve known about them longer than most people and I was outraged at first however I soon learned that the real way to combat these idiots is to ignore them. The more attention they get the more they thrive on it. So I’ve been biting my tongue on them hoping others would follow suit so that their ‘organization’ would whither and die. But people still get outraged with them and they still get the attention they seek.

Now they’re doing something that even has my attention. They plan on protesting the public memorial of the one true metal god and my icon Ronnie James Dio.

Check out what these idiots had to say…

“You know 67 year old, Satan-worshiping (or at least one of their enablers) Ronnie James Dio (of showing his devil horns to the world each time he goes in public) BLACK SABBATH fame is dead, right? We’ll be there! Just because the chances of any of God’s elect being amongst this group of heavy metal sycophants is slim to none does not mean they should not get some good words.”

I guess the WBC gets all their exercise jumping to conclusions. I am a Christian. I am proud to be a Christian. I am also proud that I a, a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio. I also know plenty of other Dio fans that are Christians as well. And while I do not like getting into who is more Christian than who type arguments I can honestly and without hyperbole claim that me and my fellow Dio loving Christians are more Christian than anyone in the WBC will ever be.

They continue to engage in their usual brand of verbal diarrhea.

“Yes, it is true that Ozzy Osbourne did ‘accidentally’ bite off the head of a bat, but THAT is the least of their sins (little nasties!), they currently do not do that, but they throw raw meat to the audience and encourage violence of EVERY FORM!”

Hold the phone just a minute there junior. I’ve been to Sabbath shows. I’ve been to Dio SHows. I’ve also been to several dozen Ozzy shows. Not once was even a scrap of anything even remotely resembling meat ever thrown to the audience. I think they may be thinking of GWAR shows. And again at none of those shows was violence ever encouraged. As a matter of fact it was quite the opposite as I always made temporary friends with those in the seats around me or waiting in line. They continue…

admitted sins of this now dead and in hell pervert: 1) He hates his neighbor(s) starting with Ozzy Osbourne

Let’s stop right there. I’m sure they’re meaning neighbor in the biblical sense as in Love thy…which the Westboro clowns seem to forget. Anyway, Ronnie and Ozzy buried the hatchet a long time ago.

and continuing down to his pornography star niece Gen Padova!

I didn’t know Ronnie had a porn star niece and even if he does what the hell does that have to do with him? And how do they know that she’s a porn star? Every Obit I’ve read about Ronnie mentioned his son, grandchildren and father but I haven’t read anything about a niece. Not to mention Ronnie’s real name is Padavona not Padova.

2) He hates God. Pay especial attention to the fact that he changed his original sir name from Padova to Dio, which means God in Italian.

He hates the Catholic Church and at this point I can’t blame him for that but that’s another rant for another day. But how can you say he hates God when he has songs like Hungry for Heaven. And he took the name Dio from a gangster in the 50s.

3) Ronnie the simpleton enabled, and encouraged Sorceries: everything he was about including the little finger horn thing (he got this from his mother which is an incantation to ward off the ‘evil eye’) to the drugs, bloody raw meat and his fellowship with those pentagon necklace wearing freakish band members.”

First off the horns, aka the maloik, he got from his superstitious grandmother. So if you think about it the horns are about as evil as throwing salt over your shoulder. And so the guy writes about dragons and wizards and he’s encouraging sorcery? At the very worst he encouraged some kids to play D&D. Again, no raw meat and I don’t think they wore pentagon necklaces. Would they pick those up at the Pentagon gift shop in Washington?

With all the outlandish lies that come out of the WBC it makes me wonder if they’re just one giant troll out for the lulz. Like an IRL version of 4chan.

Anyway if they do protest his memorial they will be walking into the dragon’s den so to speak. It’s not really a good idea to piss off a bunch of mourning metalheads.

Now I’m going back to acting like Phelps and his inbred brood don’t exist. And while I’m at it let me reiterate that not all Christians are judgmental assahts like Phelps. As a matter of fact I don’t even consider them Christians. Most of us are generally nice people but idiots like Phelps give us a bad name. Not to mention that the press doesn’t give coverage to normal Christians just overzealous assclowns.