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Police: 2 Teens Plan Shooting At L.I. High School:

Sickos’ age thwarted LI Columbine: cops:

LI teen planned ’08 ‘Columbine’ attack, too:

Columbine-Style Attack on Long Island High School Foiled, Two Teens Arrested, Say Police:

Back in 2007-2008 I posted some stories about a school shooting plot that was planned against Connetquot High School in Long Island. The plot was hatched by two McDoanld’s employees aged 15 and 17. Because of their then occupation I dubbed it the Fry Cook Plot. The 17-year-old given probation and as far as I know has not violated those terms. The 15-year-old was said to have been the ring leader and was sentenced to 1 year in a mental facility minus time served.

It seems that time spent in the nut hut had no effect because the then 15-year-old and now 17-year-old has been arrested for plotting a second attack against Connetquot High School.

17-year-old Christopher Franko, who was the 15-year-old in the original plot, was arrested last week for the second plot. Also arrested was his girlfriend, 16-year-old Dana Saltzman. The pair met at a special education program since I’m sure Franko was not allowed back into Connetquot.

The attack was supposed to take place on June 10th when Franko would have been old enough to purchase shotguns legally.

Police were tipped off by a social worker and police allegedly found evidence of the plot on their computers and cell phones.

Franko is another mutant who claims bullying. The original plot was scheduled for April 20th of 2008. Apparently he’s just another mutant loser who couldn’t put the past behind him no to mention that rehabilitation should obviously not be an option again.

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