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One of the Juggalo murders I’ve been following is that of Michael Goucher. He was allegedly stabbed to death by Juggalos 19-year-old Juggalo Shawn Freemore, aka Skippy Critter, and 17-year-old Ian Seagraves aka ThrOwT Stabba.

It’s been reported that Michael was stabbed 19 times. Recently I received an e-mail from someone claiming to be close to the situation.

Just thought you should know that Mike was actually stabbed over 50 times … including several entry wounds with a cleaver. The 19 stab wounds reported by the Pocono Record were prior to the official autopsy. I believe that the official paperwork was 42 entry wounds, but the coroner told us that there were several more wounds that did not get counted and that an accurate representation would be 50 plus.

Emphasis mine.

The reason the cleaver is important because as you can see it’s part of the ICP logo known as Hatchetman. Except it’s not really a hatchet but a meat cleaver.

Juggalos who tend to live the gimmick too hard carry one of these around with them.

Still some members of the Juggalo family are trying to claim that this was self-defense when it was two Juggalos against one man.

One thought on “Was Michael Goucher cut with a hatchet?

  1. Jester says:

    Lovely. Of course Juggalos are running their mouths about it being self-defenese. It’s not about coming together and enjoying the music anymore. It’s all about this false sense of “belonging” in which loyalty to others comes before being true to yourself. Self defensive action againt an un-armed man, (regardless of his ability to “hold his own”) especially when he is outnumbered does not call for use of a weapon knife, meat clever, or otherwise. Over fifty wounds = defense? I think not.

    Looking back, I wonder why we never anticipated this. When I got into the whole “Juggalo” thing, it was looked down upon. I was hated by my peers. I chose to be the black sheep who gave the shepard the finger and did my own thing. Now, being “yourself” and “not conforming” is the latest fad. Now, Juggalos have simply formed a new herd, and these kids are starving to belong to it! I’ve watched people who were once “black sheep” do a complete 180 and begin blindly following the shepards (ICP &amp other artists from the Psychopathic Record label). I’ve had people I grew up with call me a “poser” ask me what turned me into a such a “hater” simply because I blame the new reputation (Juggalos are a gang) on Juggalos themselves! I’ve heard all the B.S. about “we’re not a gang, we’re a family. ‘They’ call us a gang because ‘they’ just don’t understand.”

    Proof for any “Juggalos” who happen to find this:
    Family. Anyone want to define the word “family” in your own words? To me, family is a dysfunctional group of people who have some sort or relation to one another one cannot chose the members of his/her family, but oftentimes there are allies within a family as well as enemies who can’t stand to be around one another for any length of time. — That’s my family in a nutshell, anyway.

    Now, take that definition. Open a new page on your internet and follow this instructions: 1.) Enter one of the numerous “Juggalo” chat sites. 2.) Read some of the postings. 3.) Take note of the quarrels between the so-called “Old-schoolers” and “New-schoolers.” The people who refer to themselves as “Old-school” are usually those who first experienced ICP after the release of one of the early Joker’s Cards. Most “New-school Juggalos” joined the “family” around the time of the Wraith (the last Jokers Card) or later. “Old-schoolers” flaunt the year they discovered ICP and act like the person in the group who has “been down” longest is a fucking GOD! Meanwhile, “new-schoolers” argue that this year means nothing and “doesn’t make you more real.” -as a side note.. REAL??? Wtf. Now, back on topic- This statement, which ALWAYS occurs, puts EVERYONE into a frenzy of trying to explain how “real” they are and pointing out the “fake” Juggalos. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, someone will turn around and say “You’re all fake if you’re fighting. We are a family! Were supposed to have our homies’ backs, not turn them away!” For a while, the posts after that will be full of MCL’s (M.C.L. = Much Clown Love). Eventually, however, something else will become a fight which ends the same way. (And I could go on, explaining all the different fights I’ve seen but the list is endless… Just go to one of the sites and see for yourself.)
    NEXT (I forget what number I’m supposed to be on, and I’m too lazy to scroll): Try bringing up the Gang VS. Family thing to them. They will finally ALL agree that Juggalos are “family” not a “gang.”
    FINALLY: Call thems out on their mistakes. Tell them “if Juggalos are a family, then why do you claim that no ‘Juggalo’ can fight with another ‘Juggalo?’ Why do believe that all ‘Juggalos’ must agree and be accepting of any other ‘Juggalo’s’ actions? Why can no ‘Juggalo’ be an outcast even among ‘Juggalo’s?’ Is it not true that people related by blood often fight/argue with one another? Is it not true that people are often cast out from their own families? Is it not true that sometimes people disappoint their REAL families, who do not condone their actions? If ‘Juggalos’ are a ‘family,’ shouldn’t these things be common?”

    If you do this, you will have your proof in the responses you receive. “YOU JUFFAHO! YOU’RE A FAKE!” “YOU’RE JUST A HATER!” “G.T.F.O” (get the fuck out). Many will begin quoting songs, too, since it seems to be the only defense they have against REALITY! They are so hooked on belonging to the herd… Their heads are so far up ICP’s collective ass…..

    -_- I’m rambling…. Really bad this time too…. Jesus, I just wrote a fucking novel…. The point: Juggalos need to lose the herd mentality if they want to stop being seen as a gang. And STOP making excuses. “He’s a fake. If he was really down, he wouldn’t commit crimes!” Or “He’s a Juggalo. If he says it was self-defense then it was self-defense! Fuck you haters.” Shut your ignorant mouths and GROW THE FUCK UP!

    I’m done.


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