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‘Bizarre’ slaying probed as possible hate crime:

FBI Investigates Alleged Shooting Death, Dragging of Black Man by White Acquaintance:

Back in 2000 when I started blogging I wasn’t crime blogging per se. I was more blogging about how media reported crimes badly. More of a media watchdog or media deconstruction blog. I haven’t done that in a while but it seems it may be time to start doing that again.

For example I’ve been wanting to post the story of the brutal murder of Anthony Hill. For those of you who haven’t heard Mr. Hill was allegedly shot and killed by co-worker 19-year-old Gregory Collins. Collins is also accused of dragging Anthony Hill’s body behind his truck for ten miles through Newberry, South Carolina. The perpetrator in this horrific crime is white while his victim was black.

The reason I’m not posting this yet is no real motive has been discussed. As far as I can determine no motive has been released yet.

However for some reason the media is jumping on the fact that this may be a ‘hate crime’. I hate to trot out the old adage but isn’t every violent crime a hate crime? Never mind that the media itself has even reported that the two knew each other and were hanging out together. No offense meant towards the family of Mr. Hill however this does not sound like Collins all of a sudden realized that Hill was black then decided to kill him because of that.

But since the accused killer is white and the victim is black the media is salivating at the fact that there may be a minute chance that this may be a hate crime. The words ‘hate crime’ have been in just about every headline about this story.

Instead of focusing on race the media should be focusing on how brutal this crime was.

Collins is a scumbag who deserves to be dragged behind a truck himself while it drives through a cactus patch and the thickest brier patch you can find before being executed. However this should not be an issue of race.

If you look for racism everywhere you will find racism everywhere.

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