Super Bowl craigslist traffickers convicted


2 men to be sentenced for child sex trafficking:

25-year-old Pasquale Holt pleaded guilty to prostituting children at the 2009 Super Bowl in Tampa on craigslist. His cohort, 31-year-old Manuel A. Walcott, was convicted last week. Both are looking at 10 to life in federal prison.

At the time of their arrests they were prostituting an 18-year-old and a 14-year-old who said that she was 17.

More than likely the sentence will be closer to 10 years than life which is still a joke. These child trafficking scum need to be at least sentenced to a mandatory life sentence. Not to mention that craigslist still turns a blind eye to the child prostitution that takes place on their site.

The SF Chronicle and Craig Newmark. Conflict of interest?


Craigslist Foundation boot camp coming August 14th!:

This is a blog post by Craig Newmark hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

It’s about some symposium that Newmark will be at to promote community through social media or some such. However my issue is not with Newmark but with The Chronicle itself.

Now in The Chronicle’s defense they do post these disclaimers about their blogs.

Editor’s note:
This is an City Brights Blog. These blogs are not written or edited by SFGate or the San Francisco Chronicle. The authors are solely responsible for the content.

City Brights are prominent local citizens and experts with a unique Bay Area perspective that is often enlightening, sometimes infuriating and always thought-provoking.

However with all the crimes that craigslist is facilitating, especially in the areas of prostitution and human trafficking, is this not a conflict of interest? Should The Chronicle be allowing Craig Newmark to generate content for them when craigslist is a classifieds competitor to the Chronicle? Is this why the human trafficking protest at the office of craigslist last month got such negative press?

Granted that Mr. Newmark is merely just the face of craigslist these days however this reeks of some kind of collusion.

Historic Breeder caught driving drunk with kids

Police: Lorain woman drove drunk with 3 kids in car:

Sad Tits McGee over there is 24-year-old Mary Torres of Lorain, Ohio. She was arrested for driving drunk with three kids in the car. Two of the3 children were her 6 and 3-year-old sons. Police say she stumbled out of the car and that she was so intoxicated they couldn’t administer the field sobriety test because she was so allegedly drunk that administering the test would have put Torres in danger.

However when they got her back to the station she blew an impressive .254 BAC which lands her in the #3 spot of the BB BAC Board. But that’s only half of the historical part. The second is that face *shudder* has launched a new feature here on BB.


In the first ever BB Mugshot Smackdown we have Mary ‘Sad Tits McGee’ Torres (as seen above) vs.

Rebecca Lynn ’40 Miles of Bad Road’ Coleman

 Who has the uglier mugshot?
  • Mary 'Sad Tits McGee' Torres

  • Rebecca Lynn '40 Miles of Bad Road' Coleman

Voting will be open until Next Saturday.

Thanks to Harmony for the tip.

Free to be stupid

Column: Free to Love Craigslist:

Jo Mathis is a former reporter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. In this column for The Ann Arbor Chronicle she says that now that she no longer works for a newspaper she’s free to love craigslist because craigslist is seen as the enemy of the newspaper industry since it provides free classifieds. As a matter of fact she fawns so much over craigslist that Jim freakin’ Buckmaster himself blogged about the column.

I love the way Craigslist is open to everybody with computer access at no charge. I love how it meets people’s needs for jobs and rides and housing and drapes, and how it offers a glimmer of hope to the lovestruck woman wondering about the cute guy wearing a green shirt at Whole Foods.

That’s all well and good Ms. Mathis but I have to call your skills as a reporter into question. A good reporter would look into the dark side of craigslist.

Does this mean you love the fact that a dozen or so people have been killed while doing business on craigslist? What about the two women who were raped after men posted ads on craigslist that said they were into rape fantasies when they weren’t. And last but certainly not least what about the millions of women and children that are trafficked and prostituted on craigslist each and every day which craigslist refuses to do anything about?

Do you still love craigslist now?

I posted a comment on the article but it’s being held for moderation. Let’s see if it gets approved.

Scumbag child trafficker arrested in Stockton, CA

Christopher Chessman

Christopher Chessman

Stockton man, Christopher Chessman, charged with pimping:

That fucking scumbag is 22-year-old Christopher Chessman of Stockton, California and he’s an ‘alleged’ lowlife child trafficker.

He’s been arrested for prostituting several underage girls as young as 13. As most lowlife pimps/traffickers do he took the girls’ money and intimidated them with threats of violence and beatings.

This is one part of the equation on how to stop human trafficking is to arrest the pimps. The problem is that we’ve become a nation of pussies and no one wants to put criminals in jail for any serious amount of time.

Garbage like this need to be put in jail for life, or executed for all I care.

This is the type of scum that you’re supporting when you ‘hobbyists’ can’t stop thinking with your dick and need to get a hooker. But it’s a victimless crime right? Not a fucking chance.

Two Breeders arrested for leaving baby in hot car

Parents Arrested After Baby Left In Hot Car:

Sometimes, although it’s rare, I can understand one parent leaving a child in a hot car accidentally. But two? That’s no accident. That’s a testament to extreme human stupidity.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota Angel Rigoberto Garcia-Tapia, 34, and Rosa Dejesus Perez-Siguencia, 35, were arrested after leaving their infant in their car while they went into a CVS for 20 minutes. It was 94F/34C in Minneapolis at the time.

Think about that for a second. There were two of them. That means they both made a conscience decision to loeave their infant in a car during a hot July day. How fucking stupid do you need to be. These fucking idiots should have their kid taken away and never be allowed to reproduce to prevent future fucking morons from being unleashed on an already stupid society.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

Mich. man dead after craigslist shooting


Police: Man Dead after Answering Craigslist Ad for ATV:

A man from Shelby Township, Michigan is dead after responding to a craigslist ad for an ATV.

The man and a friend went to a house in Detroit after responding to an ad for an ATV. The ‘seller’ said he needed a ride to get the keys. While in transit the ‘seller’ shot both men killing one.

The suspect is still at large and the victim has not yet been named.

One of these days I’m going to tally the body count that craigslist has left in its wake and have sort of a memorial.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that craigslist is not only dangerous but they do nothing to protect their users. Let them know about this site to show them that craigslist isn’t the trustworthy hippy commune that everyone thinks it is.

And since this happened in Murder City don’t expect to see this in the national media.

Baby born and dumped from 2nd story window

Police: Mom threw newborn out of window:

Doctor: Mom who threw baby out window was in ’emotional pain’:

In Reisertown, Maryland 21-year-old Rebecca Diane Himes is said to have delivered her baby at home and then proceeded to wrap the baby in a plastic bag and toss it from the 2nd story window of her home.

Luckily the baby landed in some bushes and was relatively unharmed.

The Breeder has not been named yet because she hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. Why the fuck not?

Himes mother said that she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant.

Supposedly Himes showed ‘deep concern’ about the baby’s condition after the incident.

I think it sounds more like she was showing deep concern if she was going to get arrested. It’s not like she accidentally shot the baby out of the window on delivery. If she had any real concern she would have gone and gotten pre-natal care.

Maryland does have a safe haven law.

Thanks to Christine for the tip.

8-year-old boy killed in police chase

Father Leads Police on Chase, 8 Year-old Son Dies:

32-year-old Zabdiel Arciga was allegedly driving a Lexus at 120 mph/193kph through Seaside, California. When police pursued the car tried to exit the highway and hit a guardrail destroying the car. Arciga only had minor injuries however his 8-year-old son, Isaiah, was killed in the crash.

So not only was he driving at speeds where the slightest mistake can cause a car to go flying into the air he was doing it while his own 8-year-old son in the car. To make matters worse the car wasn’t even his. It was lent to him by a friend because Arciga had fallen on hard times. Considering Arciga had previous DUI arrests I would not have lent him my car with the leaky transmission let alone a Lexus.

Driving at that speed with your kids in the car doesn’t make you a man. It makes you child killer.

Thanks to DD for the tip.

Breeder takes baby to a hooker bust

Police: Man Brought 18-Month-Old To Pick Up Prostitute:

38-year-old Michael Ratliff of Trenton, Ohio was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Middletown, Ohio that was actually an undercover cop. However what brings Mr. Ratliff to our lovely neck of the internet woods is that he allegedly brought his 18-month-old daughter with him.

This reminds me of an episode of To Catch A Predator when one of the suspects brought his young child along with him to meet the ‘underage’ girl. Chris Hansen didn’t even mess around. He just told the guy to get out.

What Ratliff allegedly did is almost as disturbing.

Thanks again to CJB for the tip.