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Swiss won’t extradite Polanski on child sex charge:

You can read my original post on Polanski here. My opinion of him being a child raping scumbag has not changed and once again he is a child raping scumbag who has escaped justice.

The Swiss government, who were holding Polanski for US Authorities, decided not to honor the extradition request from the US and have let the child rapist free.

So now we have one more country to add to the list that coddles American criminals.

If you kill a cop France will name a street after you. If you kill a college coed they’ll let you stay there. Now in Switzerland if you’re on the run for drugging and raping a child you can just breeze through their borders.

4 thoughts on “The Swiss let Roman Polanski go

  1. You’ll have to excuse me but it was hard to read through your theatrics but are you defending Roman Polanski?


  2. DodiaFae says:

    One thing that a lot of people seem confused about is the plea bargain… when a DA offers a plea deal, it is at the discretion of the judge to accept it or not, and it is at their discretion to change their mind if the evidence merits. In Polanski’s case, it most certainly did. The only reason Polanski plead out was because he knew they had him otherwise.

    Also, “time served” is jail time, not time spent in a psych ward for evaluation.

    And sexual assault victims are further victimized far more often by the predators getting away with violating them. By your argument, all rapists should be allowed to walk and all victims should be left to pick up the pieces without seeing justice, and without the benefit of being able to feel safe knowing that the one(s) who raped them are behind bars. I’d offer to help you pull your head out of your ass, but it seems stuck in there pretty good and I really can’t stand that smell.


  3. I get it now. This is the Bad Touch Brigade holding up Polanski as their martyr.


  4. jj damnit says:

    Um, no he didn’t. He was there for a psych eval and his 42 days there MIGHT have been used as time served IF the judge accepted the plea agreement. When the child-raping, cock sucking piece of shit thought that the judge was going to reject his plea agreement, the scared little punk hauled ass to France instead of waiting to find out if the judge was going to accept the plea. Since the plea agreement was never accepted by the judge, he was never sentenced.

    And the prosecutor’s OPINION of the judge means shit. Is he the asshole that made that joke of a deal with the can’t-get-it-up-for-a-real-woman-so-he-needs-to-drug-and-rape-a-child bitch?

    Read this, asshole:

    Isn’t this what his whole argument was based on?


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