Nine years for Facebook incest woman

Aimee Sword

Aimee Sword

Mich. woman gets prison sentence for sex with son:

36-year-old Aimee Sword of Waterford Township, Michigan was sentenced to 9-30 years for having sex with her son that she gave up for adoption.

Sword used Facebook to track down her son who was 14 at the time they had sex. Or as I like to say the time that Sword raped her own son.

She should consider herself damn lucky she didn’t have any flipper kids.

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  1. Support

    WHY would you link/imply FACEBOOK to this crime? DO you put GOOGLE in the headlines when the directions for the bank robber was via google maps?

  2. Trench Reynolds

    I did not imply anything. You assumed.

  3. DodiaFae

    Predators use FaceBook all the time. Why shouldn’t the fact that she used it to locate her birth son be mentioned? Clearly she didn’t hire a PI for the job.

    BTW, I’m fairly certain that, if a Google Maps printout of the bank location were found in the getaway vehicle of a bank robber, it would be mentioned in news reports.


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