Jacques lawyers once again try to get the death penalty taken off the table

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Vt suspect’s lawyers renew anti-death penalty push:

Jacques lawyers renew death penalty fight:

Michael Jacques anti-death penalty lawyers are at it once again. This time the filing says that America’s capital punishment system is broken and refute the prosecutors’ contention that it’s appropriate in the case against Jacques.

The issue here is that Jacques is being tried by the feds while the state of Vermont does not have the death penalty.

Just a few issues here. Let’s not forget that Jacques is accused of kidnapping, raping and killing his own 12-year-old niece Brooke Bennett. Not only that but he’s also accused of using the internet to allegedly communicate with co-conspirators in other states. Since the communications cross state lines the feds decided to step in and I’m glad they did. I will dance a merry jig once they put Jacques down.

Also, do you notice that his lawyers aren’t saying that Jacques didn’t do it or give any type of real defense?

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