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Policing the Web’s Lurid Precincts:

Brad Stone of the New York Times is slowly starting to become my favorite tech journalist. Who knew I would come to like the NY Times?

Anyway in this column he writes about outsourcing firms that have the unenviable task of reviewing images on large user-driven sites to make sure the images don’t violate the site’s TOS or in a lot of instances the law.

Again I don’t envy these poor folks because some of the horrific images they must have come across. Mr. Stone even details how much of a psychological effect on the employees of these content reviewing firms.

However, it brings up one of the many issues I have with a certain website. Ok, you got me it’s craigslist.

They constantly cry there are way too many ads for them to review manually for illegal intent and rely on the questionable community policing.

In theory, craigslist could contract any one of the firms mentioned in Mr. Stone’s article to review their ads and since craigslist is mostly text-based it wouldn’t have near the psychological effect on the reviewers.

Then again that would cost money and it seems that craigslist does not want to part with one thin dime of that purported $30 million they make off the sex ads.

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