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Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Police: Man Taped Sex With Teen:

Fight With Ex Leads to Child Porn Charges for Lincoln Man:

Something I haven’t done in a very long time is posted a link to someone’s MySpace account. I stopped doing that a while ago after I realized that not only do these criminals have friends who sometimes had no idea what was going on but also their victim could be one of the friends still on the account.

However that doesn’t mean that I want you to stop sending them to me because they can have some useful information on them.

For example take 29-year-old Adam Johnson of Lincoln, Nebraska. He allegedly threatened his 17-year-old girlfriend by saying he would circulate their sex tape if she didn’t give him money.

The age of consent in Nebraska is 17. While the sex may have been legal the act of recording it was not. After he threatened her she went to police who arrested Johnson on child porn charges. But the story doesn’t end there.

When I received this tip I also received a link to Johnson’s MySpace. I had no plans of posting the link but I did find that Johnson, or someone in his place, posted in his status that he’s in jail because the victim ‘snitched on him’ and posted the victim’s name.

Here’s a screen grab with the victim’s name MSPainted out.


Classy guy all around huh?

I reported the site to MySpace. They’re usually pretty quick in removing the MySpaces of child porn suspects. I also told the tipster to report it to police as that could be construed as witness intimidation.

And while the sex may be legal it’s still creepier than hell for a 29-year-old to be having sex with a 17-year-old.

And is it me or does he look like he’s been crying in his mugshot?

Thanks to J. for the tip.

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