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Cayce pair charged in child-neglect incident:

That handsome couple are Jeffrey Edward Nance, 47, and Rebecca Lynn Coleman, 41, of Cayce , South Carolina.

They’ve been arrested on child neglect charges after the children that they are guardians for, ages 3 and 4, were found outside for 7 hours in urine soaked clothes. Getting past the urine for a moment it’s currently hotter than hell here in the Carolinas. If these kids were outside of 7 hours straight it’s a miracle they didn’t die from heat exhaustion.

When police went to the residence they say the pair of Breeders were difficult to wake and that one of them said they had taken ‘prescription’ drugs.

But I really want to talk about the mugshots. First off for him, dude, you’re 47. Unless you’re in Night Ranger that haircut went out of style in 1985. And her? Oh my God. she’s only 41? I’m 41 and I look nowhere near that bad. I have elderly aunts that look to be in better condition. What prescription drug is she taking, Shovelinthefacetrex? That looks like some hard livin’ right there.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

28 thoughts on “Mugshots of the year

  1. shsc82 says:

    She looks like she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch..


  2. shsc82 says:

    Oh and I live in sc and can barely go outside for 5 minutes, what a bunch of assholes, i hope the kids had a water hose to play with or a crick or something to jump in..


  3. She looks like the trailer hitch.


  4. shsc82 says:

    Meth is a hell of a drug.


  5. Upstate or Low Country?


  6. shsc82 says:

    Upstate. I am from mn so it's extra hellish for me. Although 80 is now just “sort of hot” and not “furnace of hells” hot to me.


  7. Been in Charlotte almost 12 years now and I'm still not used to this heat. Jersey originally.


  8. shsc82 says:

    Apparently she has recently got out of prison or was visiting as she was arrested last november for assault of a correctional facility employee. Who gave these 2 legal guardianship of children? If they are foster parents than wtf?


  9. landynsmom says:

    she looks like a fucking Platypus on crack!


  10. Madison says:

    she looks like the trailer came off the hitch and ran over her face.


  11. Beanmagnet says:

    Thats what meth does…


  12. Morrigan Reighn says:

    are we absolutely positively sure that is, in fact, a woman? looks like a bad drag queen with the mick jagger lips and stenciled brows…thank goodness the kids are ok. im right there wondering who was the mental giant that placed these kids with these morons? the more i look at her(?) picture the more i want to run up and poke the lips with a pin and see if she flies around the room…ppffffffffffffffffffffffft


  13. Dee says:

    Mick Jagger's sister?


  14. gina muollo says:

    i'm wondering if that dude owns any shirts…


  15. Jadecrowe says:

    since when is meth a prescription drug? and yeah, i thought herr picture was a picture of him in drag for a minute there.


  16. TinaDev says:

    I found an article online that lists the obituary for this guy's Father. Not your typical trailer trash. His Father was a well-respected doctor and his two brothers, one a lawyer and one a banker, are also very well off. Looks like he got the bad genes in the family! How could anyone look at these two & think they would be good gaurdians? Can you imagine the likes of the people they took these kids away from? I hope these children are able to be placed with better people who will actually care for them. What a disgrace. Glad this story didn't have a worse ending, it definitely could have!


  17. Kathy says:

    The mugshots are kinda scary. I'm glad the kids are ok.


  18. DogBitez says:

    Is he wearing puka shells?? Do you think he still has a Farrah Fawcett poster over his bed? And watches reruns of Starsky and Hutch?


  19. Morrigan Reighn says:

    they do have similar noses….oh wait…are they brother and sister? that would explain much about the mental capacity of this dynamic duo.


  20. shsc82 says:

    No, but often people crash after being up for weeks and are dead to the world, or take prescription drugs so they can sleep.


  21. If he had puka shells that would have been the best mugshot ever.


  22. Wait, is he wearing puka shells?


  23. DogBitez says:

    I can almost hear the strains of “China Grove” from The Doobie Brothers…


  24. Scott says:

    Shovelinthefacetrex!! LOL But it is ashame it had to be used at all.


  25. paula says:

    I would never lave my farrit with two people that look in there mug shots stonned out of there mind much less leave 2 children with them.Pople come on thin before you give gaurdianship over your kids


  26. paula says:

    I would never lave my farrit with two people that look in there mug shots stonned out of there mind much less leave 2 children with them.Pople come on thin before you give gaurdianship over your kids


  27. Marcy says:

    I don't know which one turns me on more…hahaha NOT…Who in their right mind would make either of these two guardians?


  28. Shovelinthefacetrex? Priceless!

    Rollin On The Floor Laffin’ My Black Ass Off!

    And a very apt description, I must say.


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