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Girl Calls 911 From Car To Report Drunken Mom:

It seems that 49-year-old Jamie Hicks was driving so bad in the town of Southeast, NY that her 12-year-old daughter felt it necessary to call 911 from inside the car.

Not only did she call 911 but she told 911 that her mother was driving drunk.

Hicks, of Long Island, blew a .18 BAC which lands her on the BB BAC board for the tenth and final spot at #6.

Mad props to this girl for actually having the guts to call police. She more than likely saved her mother’s life.

Thanks to CJB for the tip.

7 thoughts on “12-year-old rats on Breeder from car for DUI

  1. Mad props for the girl – that takes a lot of courage. I just really hope that her mom realizes how much her daughter cares for her and sobers up – instead of trying to whup the girl for getting her butt in the drunk tank.


  2. Dee says:

    Good for the daughter! I hope the mom sobers up now and gets some help.


  3. April says:

    10th and final spot? No more BAC board? Are you gonna star a mug shot beauty contest?


  4. Wow, I got the e-mail this time. No, we'll still have the BAC Board but only the top ten. If someone else makes the board then someone else will drop off. And I will be doing something about the mugshots soon.


  5. April says:

    Woo hoo.  That makes me happy.  That one link you sent me last night should be the start of the beauty contest.  The lopsided tits rock!!


  6. Mathers says:

    As sad as this is she is a sick woman who is suffering from alcoholism. As sad as this may be and yes the girl is brave for reporting it, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from alcoholism and it is just recently that it is being addressed. sadly this woman is being made an example of things many people have done ever since the car was invented. not saying its rught but people need to think about the people in their own families and close circle of friends and understand that everyone needs help.


  7. jj says:

    Only recently being addressed? Are you high?


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