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Column: Free to Love Craigslist:

Jo Mathis is a former reporter from Ann Arbor, Michigan. In this column for The Ann Arbor Chronicle she says that now that she no longer works for a newspaper she’s free to love craigslist because craigslist is seen as the enemy of the newspaper industry since it provides free classifieds. As a matter of fact she fawns so much over craigslist that Jim freakin’ Buckmaster himself blogged about the column.

I love the way Craigslist is open to everybody with computer access at no charge. I love how it meets people’s needs for jobs and rides and housing and drapes, and how it offers a glimmer of hope to the lovestruck woman wondering about the cute guy wearing a green shirt at Whole Foods.

That’s all well and good Ms. Mathis but I have to call your skills as a reporter into question. A good reporter would look into the dark side of craigslist.

Does this mean you love the fact that a dozen or so people have been killed while doing business on craigslist? What about the two women who were raped after men posted ads on craigslist that said they were into rape fantasies when they weren’t. And last but certainly not least what about the millions of women and children that are trafficked and prostituted on craigslist each and every day which craigslist refuses to do anything about?

Do you still love craigslist now?

I posted a comment on the article but it’s being held for moderation. Let’s see if it gets approved.

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  1. MomaLisa

    Oh, but Gee whiz, Trench, that is such a SMALL percentage of the millions upon millions of happy customers that use and love Craigs List. Why, your chances of getting struck by lightning are probably greater! And we have no laws against walking around while it’s lightning. So, your point is moot!


  2. Trench Reynolds

    I noticed that my comment on their site still hasn’t shown up.


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