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Without truth there is no justice

Police: Lorain woman drove drunk with 3 kids in car:

Sad Tits McGee over there is 24-year-old Mary Torres of Lorain, Ohio. She was arrested for driving drunk with three kids in the car. Two of the3 children were her 6 and 3-year-old sons. Police say she stumbled out of the car and that she was so intoxicated they couldn’t administer the field sobriety test because she was so allegedly drunk that administering the test would have put Torres in danger.

However when they got her back to the station she blew an impressive .254 BAC which lands her in the #3 spot of the BB BAC Board. But that’s only half of the historical part. The second is that face *shudder* has launched a new feature here on BB.


In the first ever BB Mugshot Smackdown we have Mary ‘Sad Tits McGee’ Torres (as seen above) vs.

Rebecca Lynn ’40 Miles of Bad Road’ Coleman

 Who has the uglier mugshot?
  • Mary 'Sad Tits McGee' Torres

  • Rebecca Lynn '40 Miles of Bad Road' Coleman

Voting will be open until Next Saturday.

Thanks to Harmony for the tip.

14 thoughts on “Historic Breeder caught driving drunk with kids

  1. shsc82 says:

    Her tits look painful. She has to be an adult star or stripper.


  2. Ken Kelly says:

    rebecca definatly uglierholy shit at sad tits mcgee though smacked in the face with the ugly tree and then quaduple d tits holy cow


  3. Dee says:

    That's a tough choice…they are both bad.


  4. Cathy says:

    Awesome, I love this new game!tough choice but I had to go with the scary old lady because, well…she's scaryMiss crooked boobs just made me laugh, her bottom lip stuck out like my 2 year old's when I won't give him a lollipop LOL


  5. Cathy says:

    I don't know, I really can't believe anyone would pay to see that


  6. DogBitez says:

    I think Rebecca might be The Blair Witch. I had to vote for her.


  7. shsc82 says:

    They don't look at the face.. Also, it's amazing what ten pounds of makeup and special lighting can accomplish.


  8. Christine says:

    That ho bag is only 24?!?!?!?! And those are some ugly boobies…dear lord.


  9. April says:

    This is awesome, Trench. Thanks for doing this.I♥ you.


  10. I know you do. If we get enough mugshots by March we'll have our own March Madness tournament.


  11. Legion says:

    Sad Tits McGee should be a winner of the name you gave her, that's priceless.


  12. Jadecrowe says:



  13. April says:

    Oh….  Dayum!  That's awesome.


  14. jj says:

    Fuck, that was hard.


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