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Aaron MacClellan

Aaron MacClellan

Man faces charges after Web connection with girl, 11:

23-year-old Aaron MacClellan of Anchorage, Alaska has been charged with sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl he met over MySpace. He allegedly had the girl sneak out of a slumber party that she was at and had his mom pick the girl up.

The girl allegedly claimed that she was 16 on MySpace but told MacClellan her real age when they met. It seems that the age didn’t stop MacClellan from allegedly bad touching the girl and trying to get one in return.

Police say there is no way the girl looked 16.

16 is the legal age of consent in Alaska. Just because something is legal that does not necessarily make it right. The mom isn’t being charged but what self-respecting mother would bring home a 16-year-old girl, let alone an 11-year-old one, for her son?

Just as an aside, on the version of MacClellan’s MySpace that I found his top friend was Miley Cyrus. Creepy.

Thanks to Mr. A for the tip.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. 11-year-olds shouldn’t be on MySpace. Where were her parents?

6 thoughts on “MySpace predator had mommy pick up his victim

  1. dodiafae says:

    Oh, wow… even if this guy weren’t a loser child-molesting sack of pig excrement, he’d be a HUGE LOSER. And he looks like an emo, so he’s an even BIGGER LOSER.


  2. Is it me or does he look like he’s wearing guyliner?


  3. dodiafae says:

    Yes, it’s guyliner. ew. That and the face jewelry are what led me to the conclusion that he’s an Emo Loser.


  4. dodiafae says:

    Unfortunately, parents can do all that parents could conceivably do to prevent their 11 year old from having a myspace (or other social network) page, including spyware. But for all we know, she created the account at a friend’s house, where her parents couldn’t have any control over her computer activity.I’ve known parents who would lie to the parents of their child’s friends because *they* believe that child’s parents are too strict (I had friends who’s parents were all too willing to do this). So it could very well be that she has a friend with negligent parents. So, I’m hesitant to blame the girl’s parents on this one.However, that child molester’s mother should be locked up and the key melted down. Horrible, horrible parenting. Even if he is legally an adult, she obviously has been screwing up all along the way… picking up his victim and allowing him to have an 11 year old little girl alone in his room is just the icing.


  5. DogBitez says:

    When my son was young, we always talked about online pedos. Actually, it was kind of a running joke in our family that his online gaming friends were “Irv the Perv”, “Chester the Molester”, and “Kyle the Pedophile”. They weren’t, obviously… but we teased about it in a twisted way as a constant reminder that he really didn’t know who he was chatting with. He was always good about asking my opinion if I thought it was safe to fill out his address or provide his real name on this or that legit site, etc. He cybered safely.But when he turned 18, I had to give him the reverse talk — that he was now a legal adult and he had to be very very careful about who he was talking to online because 13 year old girls often pretend to be 19 year olds. That he must never get into any raunchy chatting with anyone unless he absolutely positively knew that the person was also an adult (maybe someone he knew in person)… not that he was the raunchy chatting type. The point was just that the onus was on him now to make sure he wasn’t accidentally flirting with a tween girl. Our nicknames for his online gaming friends changed to “Kate the Jailbait”, “Dot the Tot”, etc.This mom not only didn’t bother to give her son the “you’re now a legal adult online” talk… but she was willing to pick up a 16 year old girl (so she thought) to hook up with her 23 year old son? Yeah, mom needs to be slapped with some kind of accomplice or accessory charge.


  6. dodiafae says:

    DogBitez, you’are an awesome parent. Some parents do have the talk about online safety with their children (though not nearly enough!), but this is actually the first time I’ve read of a parent having the talk from the opposite point of view.


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