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Alexsa Mirabal

Alexsa Mirabal

Woman accused of sex with girls:

Police: Woman posed as boy to lure teen girl for sex:

31-year-old Alexsa Mirabal of Roy, Utah has been arrested for having sex with two 16-year-old girls after posing as a boy on MySpace in order to lure them.

Mirabal posed as a teen named Alex on MySpace and according to investigators Mirabal put a lot of work into her phony MySpace to make it look like the Myspace of a teen boy.

Mirabal allegedly would reveal herself to her victims as herself before engaging them into a sexual relationship. She is accused of molesting one of the girls for 2 years. One of her other victims is the daughter of a co-worker. Mirabal was busted when the two girls found out about each other.

You can’t say that this is a case of spurned teen lovers since Mirabal allegedly went to great lengths to groom both of these girls. You would think people like this would realize that they have a problem when they go to such lengths to commit illegal sexual activity.

One thought on “UT woman posed as teen boy on MySpace to have sex with teen girls

  1. Sveggyman10 says:

    She was charged with 3 counts yesterday of 3-3rd degree felony counts.


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