Skittles, rubbers and Red Bull, oh my. 15 arrested in craigslist child predator sting

Craigslist sting: Men with Skittles, condoms accused of child-sex attempts:

The Polk County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office placed ads on craigslist, presumably in the casual encounters section, posing as either the parents of teen girls or as teen girls seeking ‘guidance’. For those of you lacking in subtlety that means they were looking for sex for the imagined teen girls.

Through those ads they were able to arrest 15 men. A lot of them brought condoms to meet with the underage girl. One brought some Skittles candy and another brought Red Bull and vodka. Some of them expected to have sex with the underage girls and their mothers or care givers.

Arrested were Brandon Cashen, 31, Jason Shulman, 36, Javier Alberto Diaz, 23, Robert Ferguson, 23, Tommy Dupre, 33, Dominick Overeem, 40, Kevin Scott, 36, Joshua Adam Hunt, 19, Donald Knuckles, 67, William Jackson, 29, (he allegedly wanted to have sex with a 10-year-old girl) Gregory Alan Archambault II, 22, Leon Brisson, 33, Mark McClure, 44, Raymond Damon, 43, and Robert Chan, 38. Please read the entire article to see just how sick these scumbags are.

The ironic thing is that craigslist shouts from the rooftops about how compliant they are with the National Center for Missing and Exploited children and that their casual encounters ads say “Please report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities”. As usual that makes me wonder how many of these ads were either flagged by the so-called community policing or were referred to local law enforcement. It also goes to show why I think that the casual encounters section should be closed down along with the adult services section.

I’m sure craigslist will say that this shows how they comply with law enforcement but I seriously doubt that they were working with the police on this sting.

This also shows just what kind of people are cruising the casual encounters section. A lot of pedophiles and dog fuckers.

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