NC man busted for soliciting child sex on craigslist

Michael Forrest Grant

Michael Forrest Grant

Craigslist Ad For Sex With Minor Leads To Arrest:

Police in Buncombe County, North Carolina have arrested 43-year-old Michael Forrest Grant after he allegedly posted an ad on craigslist soliciting sex from a child. Police acted as the parents of a 14-year-old girl and they say Grant was willing to pay money to have sex with the girl. They also say that Grant arranged a previous meeting with police acting undercover to have sex with a young boy but Grant allegedly backed out.

Now think about this for a second. A scumbag like this just doesn’t wake up one morning and say “Hey, I think I’m going to post an ad on craigslist so I can have sex with a child.” It means two things. The first is that this may not be Grant’s first ride in the pedo rodeo. The second is that this goes on through craigslist and nobody involved with the site does anything to stop it.

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