Michael Anthony Abbott gets six years for being a kiddie toucher

Gardnerville man facing up to 20 years for touching teen:

Man gets six years in prison for fondling 13 year old girl:

26-year-old Michael Anthony Abbott of Gardnerville, Nevada is a real piece of work. He met a girl on MySpace who claimed she was 16. Abbott was allegedly taking cigarettes to the girl at her school and he pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching her. He even bought her cell phones so he could communicate with her in secret.

When her parents found out they told him that her true age was 13 at the time and to stay away from her. I don’t know about you but if this scumbag was touching my 13-year-old daughter the least violent thing I would do is call police. But no, they just warned him which didn’t work as Abbot still communicated with the girl even after he knew her true age.

For his obvious predatory tendencies he could have been sentenced up to 20 years but he only got six with 140+ days time served. He’ll also be on the sex offender registry for life. Which as we all know never works to keep predators from re-offending.

And for those of you who are going to cry ‘she said she was 16’ under Nevada law the age of consent is 16 unless the other person is over 21.

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  1. Chris Ziza

    He is a scumbag. I know him first hand. He is the stepfather (soon to be former) of my two little girls. Hopefully he gets what he has coming to him. He is a loser. My ex-wife is married to him (but separated well before all of this kiddy stuff went down). I hope he didn’t touch my girls! They are only 2 and 3. 1 and 2 at the time. 🙁

    Mike, you can kiss my ass! Remember all those days I took your kids to eat with mine so they can go do something? You wouldn’t even give them a dollar? Enjoy the cell bro. Chris Ziza.


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