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Police: Prostitute Tipped Officers To Dirty Cop:

Officer Arrested in Online Prostitution Sting:

Arrest Report Reveals New Details in Henderson Officer’s Arrest:

Occasionally you’ll see me use the phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” which loosely translated is Latin for “Who watches the watchmen?” or “Who guards the guardsmen?” if you want to get literal. This is one of those instances.

Henderson, Nevada police officer Michael Stevens, 34, has been arrested on charged craigslist prostitution after his alleged prostitute of choice dimed him out.

Las Vegas police arrested a woman on prostitution charges which caused her to tell them that Stevens was using her services. She was able to assist LVPD with setting up a sting where Stevens was arrested. The AP says that Stevens tried saying that he was working vice but the local Nevada articles says that he admitted what he was doing was wrong. Stevens is said to have met Robbearts on craigslist.

How can we doing anything to combat human trafficking when it is being supported by allegedly crooked cops. And yes I do realize that cops like Stevens are in the vast majority but one bad apple like Stevens can also tarnish the reputation of entire departments.

5 thoughts on “Henderson NV cop busted on craigslist prostitution charges

  1. Gjigj1097 says:

    henderson cops are a bunch of assholes they think there the ss from germany!!!!!!!! they should send them to the bronx or harlem for a month then they would see real cops at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Sd says:

      Give me a break…. Stop judging everyone from one or 2 people. you cant do that with everyone!


  2. Lvpimpin says:

    ya i agree that henderson cops are a bunch of assholes they have nothingto do so they think they need to act hard when there not there just a bunch of geeks in a gang,


  3. Sd says:

    with a name like LVpimpin… I would guess anyone would act that way to you! lol loser


  4. Michael jones says:

    shoot him.he’s a very crazy man..or lock him up for 100 years..most cops are power crazy…


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