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David Sparre

David Sparre

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Woman’s Death:

19-year-old David Sparre of Jacksonville, Florida is just one in a series (collect the whole set) of alleged ‘craigslist killers’. He’s accused in the July 12th stabbing murder of 21-year-old Tiara Pool. The pair met through craigslist’s personals. I originally posted about the murder here and here.

Still, no motive in the brutal murder of the mother of two however prosecutors say they are seeking the death penalty.

One of these days I’ll take the 15 minutes to number all the craigslist killers that I know about.

6 thoughts on “Sparre pleads not guilty in murder of Tiara Pool

  1. Gemini 17 says:

    so they met on craigslist personal and he finishes up here on craigslist crimelist…SHAME JOB he is…what about the girl?? is there a craigslist memorial list?????? should be i think.


  2. Funny you mention that because I’ve been wanting to add that to the site for a while. I just can never find the time.


    1. ns says:

      Maybe you will stop attacking me and then you will have the time to post that list. There is no motive because there was no crime. He is INNOCENT–how’s that for motive. He is not a SHAME JOB, he is my brother. He did not kill that girl. I am sorry for her family but they will get no closure in putting an innocent man on death row. Aside from all of that, my brother did not “lure” her anywhere. She posted several personal ads on craigslist and among many other men, my brother answered.


      1. jj says:

        Your brother is a murdering prick, who’ll probably enjoy being banged by Bubba on a daily basis. Maybe you should join him I’m sure that you two pillars of society have enjoyed each other in the past.


        1. Angie says:

          This have to obviously be a staged letter because there’s no way in hell somebody could believe such ignorance these are the people that sold their souls to Satan on there transition from the Universe to being born into a human the evil is in their eyes and the eyes are the mirror to the soul


      2. No crime you say? That’s a load off my mine. I guess Tiara Pool is alive then.



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