From the Boo-Hoo files: Socastee shooter was bullied


Attorney: Socastee High shooting suspect was bullied:

It was inevitable really.

Anyway the attorney for the 14-year-old gunman from Socastee High School says that his client was bullied half his life. According to reports that will play a prominent role in the defense of the still unnamed teen who fired a gun at school resource officer Erik Karney. Bullying doesn’t explain why he shot at a school resource officer but I digress.

Prosecutors are trying to have the teen tried as an adult but the teen’s lawyer is whining about that as well.

“I’ve got a client who is a little boy who has some severe emotional mental issues. We’re going to do everything we can to get him the help he needs,” Long said.

If you mean he was inches away from being a murderer then yes, he has issues.

Again, idiots like this who think a gun will solve a bullying problem, real or imagined, take the school’s attention away from bullying and place it on potential murderers. You’re only going to make things worse for the victims of bullying by either justifying or repeating his actions. Besides if you think you’re being bullied now just wait until you get to jail.

Coast Guardsman accused of MySpace rape

Zontevias Lewis

Zontevias Lewis

Alabama man accused of rape at Norfolk hotel:

AL man charged in Norfolk rape:

Coast Guard member arrested for rape and sodomy in Norfolk:

20-year-old Zontevias Lewis is a member of the Coast Guard Reserves who was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. The Alabama native was arrested for the alleged rape of an 18-year-old girl he met over MySpace. The victim agreed to ‘ride around’ with Lewis. After picking her up police say Lewis took her to a hotel and raped her. Lewis led police on a brief chase before crashing the car he was driving.

Does the Coast Guard use yardarms? If they do this scumbag should be hung from one.

GrandBreeders use hot grease as weapon, baby as shield

Not gonna make a Buckwheat joke

Grandsons are hit with grease in family fight:

In Gainesville, Florida police arrested Johnnie Allen Hutchinson, 51, and Dorothy Williams Hutchinson, 51, after their grandchildren were hit with hot grease in the midst of the grandparents arguing.

Mrs. Hutchinson threatened to throw hit grease on her husband if he did not stop his arguing. Mr. Hutchinson continued and Mrs. Hutchinson allegedly made good on her threat. The problem is, besides using hot grease in a domestic dispute, is that Mr. Hutchinson is said to have picked up his sleeping 10-month-old grandson to use as a shield. Mrs. Hutchinson let loose anyway hitting the child. The boy sustained second degree burns on his leg and stomach. The spillover also managed to hit another grandchild which caused burns on the child’s face.

I got nothin’ to add on this one. Sometimes the stories speak for themselves.

Thanks to Kirsten for the tip.

Philly man admits to slashing throat of craigslist escort

Joseph C. Vignola Jr.

Joseph C. Vignola Jr.

Joseph Vignola Jr. admits attacking woman he met on Craigslist:

Angry looking little bastard isn’t he?

Anyway this is one of those stories that I don’t know how the hell I missed it when it happened. Back in 2008 Philadelphia police arrested Joseph C. Vignola Jr. for slashing the throat of an 18-year-old woman that he ‘met’ on the then erotic services section of craigslist.

The pair met at a hotel where they had sex then argued about something (money?) and Vignola punched her in the throat, sat on top of her until she passed out then slit her throat. And in true GTA style he took the money that he gave her.

To make matters worse Vignola tried blaming the assault on a ‘light skinned black man’ that supposedly broke in while they were having sex.

Last week the now 21-year-old son of a former Philly city councilman pleaded guilty to the brutal assault. He’s looking at 30 years but his equally slimy lawyer is trying to get him 4 1/2-7.

Vignola should be touted as the poster boy of the kind of scum that used to troll the erotic services and adult services section and that probably still trolls the casual encounters section and currently trolling the erotic services sections outside the US. A guy like this is also probably trolling the adult sections of backpage as well.

No monitoring means the inmates are running the asylum and this guy is the prototype.

Bombs confirmed at Socastee


Second Socastee High student facing charges; Accused shooter could face terrorism charge:

The article that I linked to is about a teen from Socastee High School that was arrested for posting a threat on a social networking site. He’s been released to the custody of his parents but he’s not my main focus on the article.

My main focus is that the article confirms there were bombs at Socastee that allegedly belonged to the shooter. Yeah, I know this is old news, so sue me, I’m behind.

Anyway the article says that police found two pipe bombs in his book bag and that he was wearing his book bag at the time of the shooting. It’s a good thing the shooter was such a lousy shot or there may have been a larger human toll.

Memphis Breeder claims she gave daughter to stranger

Shakara Dickens

Shakara Dickens

Memphis police search warrants presume missing baby is dead:

Sources say relatives not cooperating in search for baby:

First off let me say that I am sorry I’m way behind on posting stories. Especially this one.

Normally I don’t do missing child stories. It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for the children in their families. I just think there are so many blogs about missing children that it’s hard to find the signal among the noise. However when there is a story that it’s so obvious that one of the Breeders was involved I jump in. Even if Nancy Grace has already had her hair sprayed claws over it.

Anyway, 19-year-old Shakara Dickens of Memphis, Tenn. reported her daughter, 10-month-old Lauryn Dickens, missing on September 15th claiming that she gave the child to an unknown woman on September 7th. Got that so far? Ok, it’s gets weirder. Dickens claim that the unknown woman (who I’m sure is hanging out with Nicole Brown’s real killer) was taking the child to the child’s father. The thing is the father is in jail and has not only had no contact with Dickens but her phone is blocked from receiving calls from the prison. He says he has no idea what she’s even talking about.

Local media is reporting that police are acting on the assumption that Lauryn Dickens is not alive.

And oddly like another similar case Shakara Dickens mother, Tracy Dickens, is said to be uncooperative with the investigation.

I’m going to be updating this story as information becomes available and as time allows because I know the national media will grow tired of this story and not give it half the attention they gave that certain story out of Florida.

Thanks to Winnie for the tip.

Minn. craigslist and backpage trafficker convicted


Burnsville man guilty of using girl, 16, for prostitution:

Just because craigslist has shut down the adult services in the US for now doesn’t mean the aftermath still isn’t felt.

For example there is 38-year-old Arthur J. Chappell. He’s an ex-con that was convicted recently for trafficking and prostituting a 16-year-old girl on both Backpage and craigslist in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Chappell not only pimped the girl out but he sexually assaulted her as well.

Chappell is looking at a lifetime max. I pray he gets every day of that.

Craigslist may be changing their ways in the US but they still have erotic services in the rest of the world and they have much penance still to go. Backpage is just scum.

UPDATE 10/30/2012: Chappell was retried due to faulty jury instruction and was convicted again.

Florida man moves to Mich. to be with 14-year-old girl


Florida man who met Michigan girl on MySpace faces sex charges:

Police in St. Johns, Michigan arrested one 25-year-old Danny Dewayne Waller of Elkton, Florida. He’s been charged with various criminal sexual conduct and enticing/coercing a juvenile over the computer charges.

Not a lot of detail on this story but what is known is that Waller is alleged to have met a 14-year-old girl from the St. Johns area on MySpace before moving from Florida to be with the now 15-year-old girl. With the enticing and sexual conduct charges I’m guessing the relationship was not platonic.

For someone to move to be with underage girl they must have more than serious problems. And how in the hell did he think that he would ever be able to keep that ‘relationship’ a secret?

Creepers are stupid.

Toddler takes oxycodone in West Virginia

Toddler Swallows Drugs; Mom and Friends Charged:

Mom Who Let Baby Boy Swallow Pain Pills to be in Court Tuesday:

Stringy over there is 25-year-old Tasha Lynn Adkins of Wayne, West Virginia. She was arrested a few weeks back after her 17-month-old son had to be taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator. It seems the boy got into some oxycodone and took a few. Now where would he get such an idea. Could it be satan? No, it was his female birth organism, allegedly.

According to police Adkins and two possible penises (penii?) were partying it up in an apartment by downing the oxycodone while the toddler was apparently left to his own devices.

We got West Virgina and hillbilly heroin in this story. The only thing that would be missing was if they partied in a trailer and we’d have the white trash trifecta.

Anyway the more scum like this abuse oxycodone the quicker it’s going to get yanked from the market then the people who really need it will suffer.

I was unable to find an update on the child’s condition.

Thanks to Shannon for the tip.

More news on Socastee shooting


Just some additional news tidbits on the Socastee High School shooting.

First up is that the Horry County prosecutor is wanting to charge the 14-year-old shooter with attempted murder. No word yet if he’ll be charged as adult. Keep your fingers crossed that he will.

Next up is that a 2nd student of Socastee High School has been questioned about the attack. No charges were brought against that student and the student was released to his parents’ custody.