Lacey man arrested in Facebook sting


Police in Lacey, Washington arrested 47-year-old Mark J. Daniel after he went to a hotel hoping to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Daniel allegedly was a neighbor of the girl and befriended her on Facebook. The girl’s mother contacted the girl’s juvenile probation officer stating that the girl may be having an inappropriate relationship with a man on Facebook. A county court commissioner ordered the girl to surrender her Facebook password.

When investigators logged on to the girl’s Facebook they say that Daniel almost instantly appeared in Facebook chat. Of course this led police to pose as the 13-year-old girl and got Daniel to show up at a local hotel where he thought he was meeting the girl for sex. Or as we call it here he was looking forward to child rape. Instead he was met by police who arrested him on charges of suspicion of attempted second-degree rape of a child and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Just because Facebook hasn’t garnered the reputation yet of being plagued by pedophiles like MySpace is doesn’t mean they’re not there. Even on Facebook parents need to remain vigilant. As I always say parents are the only true line of defense between predators and children.

The Columbine bullying myth in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer


In this blog post from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer a grandfather tells the tale of how he stepped in on his granddaughter’s behalf to put a stop to her being bullied.

He handled it with class and reason and the school was able to do something about it so I have to commend him for that. In his blog post the gentleman also mentions a point that I’ve been saying for years. If schools truly wanted to do something about bullying they would stop worrying about being sued and actually punish the bullies.

However the author of the post trots out not only Columbine but other school shootings as well as being caused by bullying.

We live in an age in which doing things like picking on a child who’s perceived to be vulnerable or “different” carries Major Life Consequences. The classmates of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold regarded them as two harmless, outcast losers who didn’t matter…until they became everyone’s worst nightmare. This is the baffling part of the current tsunami of school bullying: Are our children actually stupid or do they simply have an insanely short attention span? Columbine was in 1999, so many of today’s teens and grade-school kids were in diapers or not even born. But, since Columbine, one hundred and twenty-four American students and teachers have died in gun-related incidents in public schools. The names are not as familiar as Columbine – except for Virginia Tech – but thousands of people were battered by the shock waves of these events in places like Grundy, Virginia; Red Lion, Pennsylvania; Cold Spring, Minnesota; Florham Park, New Jersey; Red Lake, Minnesota; and Dekalb, Illinois.

First off again there is no definitive proof that the Columbine scumbags Harris and Klebold were bullied. However there is definitive proof that they were in fact the bullies themselves. Not only that but they weren’t the loner outcasts as so many people make them out to be. They were actually popular and had a large circle of friends. Not to mention bullying was never mentioned in any of the journals of the killers that have been released publicly.

He also mentions some locations that I am familiar with where bullying also did not place. At Red Lake there was no evidence that Jeff Weise was bullied. As a matter of fact people did try to befriend him but Weise was such an anti-social jerk that it was hard for people to befriend him. In Cold Spring, Minn. was the shooting at Rocori High school. In that case it was never proven that the shooter John Jason McLaughlin was bullied. Not to mention that his victims, Aaron Rollins and Seth Bartell, weren’t even his alleged bullies. And in Virginia Tech Cho Seung Hui was not bullied but was just jealous of people who were more successful than him.

My point is that bullying and school shootings should not always be mentioned in the same breath. It plants the seeds in kids’ heads who are being bullied that mass murder is an acceptable solution their problems.

Former Cleveland cop charged with craigslist child solicitation

Robert Bonness

Robert Bonness

Investigators in Ohio have arrested 53-year-old Robert Bonness for allegedly traveling to have sex with a 12-year-old girl. Bonness is a retired street cop from the Cleveland PD.

Bonness allegedly responded to a craigslist ad that said a father and daughter were looking for a ‘special person’. Bonness expressed interest in having sex with the man’s 12-year-old daughter and wanted her to dress in a cheerleader outfit. Bonness allegedly traveled from his home in Parma to North Olmsted to meet the girl. Instead the former cop was met by members of the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force who placed the ad.

While the article does not specify which section of craigslist the ad was placed on one could safely assume it would be the casual encounters section which shows that section is in desperate need of moderation or removal. Once again the apparent self-policing by the craigslist community did not get this ad pulled and I doubt CL was working with law enforcement on this.

Pa. man had sex with baby sitters he found on craigslist


Police: Man sexually assaulted York County teens he met through babysitting ad:

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania police arrested 37-year-old Lewis A. Dopp for allegedly having sex with 5 girls ages 16 and 17 that he found on craigslist. However he did not find them on craigslist the way you think he would have. He found them because ether the girls had placed ads for their baby sitting services on craigslist or had responded to Dopp’s ad for a baby sitter.

Between Oct. 1, 2009, and June 30 Dopp would spend weekends with the teens at his home, according to a news release.

During that time, Dopp provided the teens with alcohol and had sexual contact with three of the teens when they were 15 and 16 years old, police said.

Reportedly he had one of the teens record him having sex with one of the others. It’s hard to believe that this went unnoticed for 8 months. Dopp supposedly only put a stop to it because some of the girls were smoking weed and he did not approve of that. A creeper with standards. Who would have guessed?

No word on if Dopp actually had a child that was in need of sitting.

But who in the blue hell allows their 16 or 17-year-old daughter to post an ad for baby sitting on craigslist? Apparently the kind of parent who doesn’t care about their kids getting molested.

Idaho Breeder charged with snapping leg of 2-year-old son

Michael R. Edinger

Idaho Man Accused of Breaking 2-Year-Old Boy’s Leg Due In Court:

Soulpatch McDouchebag over there is Michael R. Edinger of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. He was arrested about a month back for allegedly breaking the leg of his own two-year-old son. Edinger and his fiancee took the child to the ER and tried blaming the break on the child’s ‘clumsiness’ and that the child fell down the stairs. Again here is another case where police and mdical profe4ssionals are way smarter than you. They know what to look for when it comes to abuse. As a matter of fact they found many other injuries that were in the process of healing.

Eventually Edinger is said to have admitted to ‘losing his temper’ while changing the boy and twisted the boy’s leg and slamming it on the floor snapping the bone. To all the Neanderthals out there like this jerkoff if you don’t weant to change diapers then don’t have kids. And if you do have kids you’re going to have to change diapers. That’s all there is to it. Kids shit themselves at that age, a lot.

They should dangle this assclown’s legs in a gator pit and watch them do the death roll on his legs.

Thanks to LeAne for the tip.

Tot touching tutor convicted

Brett J. Zagorac

Brett J. Zagorac

Craigslist ad tutor found guilty of misdemeanor battery:

I originally posted about Brett J. Zagorac here and here. He’s the tutor from Munster, Indiana who was advertising his services on craigslist under a fake name because he had previously been in trouble for allegedly touching students inappropriately. He was arrested for allegedly fondling a boy he was tutoring. Then he was ordered to stay way from any children and was caught tutoring another girl from Evanston, Illinois.

For the boy he was tutoring in Portage, Indiana he was convicted of the lesser charge of battery and not child molestation. That carries a max sentence of 180 days. He was released for time served. However he is still facing charges in Evanston, Illinois for the girl he tutored there.

If this guy loves teaching as much as he supposedly does is it so hard not to touch any of the children? In my opinion he’s been lucky so far. If he keeps it up he’s going to end up on the business side of the wrong parent who catches him touching his child.

Army Sgt. turned craigslist pimp sentenced


Former Lewis-McChord soldier sentenced for pimping girls:

I originally posted about Sterling Hospedales here and here. He’s the former army sergeant from Lakewood, Washington who arrested and pleaded guilty to pimping out two underage girls on craigslist.

When he pleaded guilty I noted that the plea deal would still get him a 10 to life sentence and I said at the time that if the sentence was closer to 10 than life then the feds don’t really care all that much about human trafficking.

Well it seems they don’t really care as Hospedales was only given 11 years. The sentences being given out to these scumbags are a joke. Think about it for a second. They are a go between for a victim and what basically amounts to a child rapist. Not only do these pimps need to be given much stiffer sentences but the johns do as well. Cut off the demand and the supply will no longer be needed.

Further proof you don’t have to be a creepy old man to be a pedophile

Branden Wayne Utley

Branden Wayne Utley

Police in Houston County, Alabama arrested 18-year-old Branden Wayne Utley for allegedly not only sending explicit photos of himself to a 12-year-old girl but for also allegedly trying to entice her to a park for sex. And again if you’re new here I call sex with an underage child what it should be called, child rape. But I digress.

Utley, of Geneva, AL, met the girl, from Ashford, AL, on either MySpace or MyYearbook.

Luckily police picked up Utley before he could rape the girl.

He’s being held on $100K bond as police are saying he poses a threat to himself and the community at large.

Like I said in the headline pedophiles and sexual predators can be just about any age and come from any walk of life.

Colorado pair indicted for craigslist child prostitution

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Dallas Colby Cardenas

Men Accused Of Pimping Teens On Craigslist:

19-year-old Dallas Colby Cardenas and 23-year-old Ryan Keith Jenkins have been indicted by on running a prostitution ring on craigslist in the Denver area.

Cardenas is said to be the mastermind behind the ring and that he not only forced a 17-year-old girl into prostitution but that he forced her to have sex with him in order to groom her for prostitution.

These acts allegedly took place while the adult services section was open showing that at the time craigslist’s steps to prevent child prostitution and trafficking on their site were not all that effective. Backpage should take a hint.

Alberta calls for craigslist crackdown


Previously I posted about how the Canadian Provinces of Ottawa and Manitoba have called for the removal of the erotic services section of craigslist in their provinces. Now the province of Alberta has also joined in the crusade. Those within the provincial government have called erotic services a “thinly veiled cover for human trafficking.”

Some have criticized Alberta for taking too long to join in the fight but the same could be said for just about any government. By my calculations the erotic services section has been around for 10 years. Why no government decided to step in until last year is beyond me but you all took too long. I’m grateful that steps are being taken to curb the tide of human trafficking online but this could have been done so much sooner and that especially includes the U.S.