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Richard Alan Chaney

Richard Alan Chaney

O.C. man pleads guilty to sexually assaulting underage girls he met on MySpace, Stickam:

I originally posted about emo douchebag #2 Richard Alan Chaney here. The 25-year-old Chaney from Costa Mesa, California was arrested a year ago for violating two underage girls that he met on Stickam. One was 14 and the other was 17. The 17-year-old he violated while she was unconscious. Chaney videotaped his encounters with both girls.

Chaney pleaded guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to 9 years in state prison. Those charges were one felony count each of oral copulation of a minor under 16, contacting a child with the intent to distribute pornography to a minor, sexual penetration by foreign object of an unconscious victim and oral copulation of an unconscious person.

Nine years don’t seem enough. Then again 9 years in a California state prison may be a lifetime for a child molester like Chaney. Also California does have some hardcore prisons like Folsom and San Quentin. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll serve his time at one of those.

Plus this gives me hope that the original Sticakm emo douchebag John Hock will see some prison time as well.

And as an added bonus here is the court record of Chaney’s pleas. It looks like this was a plea deal since the charge of rape of an unconscious person was dismissed. Damn plea deals.


Thanks to Steve for the tip.

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