More from the Socastee Boo Hoo files


Teen school shooting suspect remains in detention:

The unnamed 14-year-old gunman from the shooting at Socastee High School in South Carolina was back in court this past week. He was ordered to remain in detention for at least another 45 days while he undergoes a psych eval.

The bone I’d like to pick with is with his supporters.

The boy’s family members and friends showed their support by wearing blue ribbons, the symbol of an anti-bullying campaign. A friend of the boy’s father says, the 14-year-old is a good kid, and the shooting incident was out of character. “He’s got a big heart, and he’s been pushed around, and it just makes me mad, and that’s why, right there, (touching blue ribbon) I want people to realize that bullying thing’s got to stop,” said Jami LaFon.

LaFon believes the boy kept the bullying from his parents and school, fearing that if he told anyone about it, it might get worse. LaFon says he knows the boy will have to pay for what he did, but he hopes common sense will be used and that those who bullied the boy will feel some remorse. “I just hope good comes out of this, that’s all.”

If his friends knew that he was being bullied why didn’t they do anything to stop it? Not to mention his alleged bullying wasn’t the only thing his parents didn’t know about. They obviously also didn’t know about the guns and bombs that their kid was allegedly posting about on his twitter page.

If you want to actually do something about bullying instead of wearing ribbons, which accomplishes nothing, get the schools to actually stand up to the parents of bullies without flinching.

Still, guns are never the proper response to being bullied as not only does that make you a bully but it makes you a coward as well.


  1. Wait… do you really think schools will do anything to stop bullying even if parents complain. Maybe after football season is over you might have a point, but in South Carolina early October… yea right. Look at the school that has had 4 suicides recently because of bullying. You would think after the third suicide they might actually do something about the bullying, but no, 4 suicides it is.


    • Once again you totally missed the point. Parents do complain but schools do nothing about it because they’re afraid to stand up to the parents of bullies.

      And again complaining about sports and the south just shows how ignorant you really are. Not all jocks are bullies and not all bullies are jocks.


  2. “but it makes you a coward as well.” Hey Pot, have you and Kettle been arguing again lately on your coloration?


  3. While kids made my life a living hell back in middle school, I never once thought about picking up a gun to settle the score…somehow, I knew there would be better days ahead (which there were), and managed to get through these rough times.

    Even if he was bullied, going on a shooting rampage like our Socastee friend did completely invalidates any legitimate issues he might have had…other than friends/fam/apologists, no one’s gonna care about w/e problems he had. All they know is that this kid took the law into his own hands and destroyed innocent lives, and nothing he possibly went through can justify that by any stretch of the imagination.


  4. Oh, and let us not forget those lovely posts on his Twitter page, where he talks about:

    – Setting off pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails
    – Drawing swastikas in class
    – People thinking he would shoot up Socastee (and we know how that turned out)

    Funny how these school shooter apologists don’t see that these “poor souls” typically have a history of violence and/or disturbed behavior.


  5. Really? You had to call it the “Scoastee Boo Boo” files? Listen here you little weasel. Outsiders like you know nothing. Nothing about what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to court cases. Learn to take what you hear from the news with a grain of salt. And those supporters you’d like to pick a bone with, watch it. That’s my family, motherfucker


      • About what, the story? Anyways, if you want you can message me the questions on facebook messenger and I’ll see. I’ve been keeping a trend of denying answering questions but I’m curious what yours are.


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