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Mark Aime Brosseau

Mark Aime Brosseau

O.C. man caught for sex w/minor he met online:

54-year-old Mark Aime Brosseau of Stanton, California was arrested in Huntington Beach after he was found having sex with a 14-year-old boy that he met on craigslist.

He wasn’t busted through a police sting or through the parents finding out about it or any other kind of detective work that usually leads to one of these arrests. Brousseau was arrested because he was allegedly caught with the teen in his vehicle with his pants around his ankles in the parking lot of a mall. Police happened upon them almost accidentally.

Parents, I’ve told you this numerous times. Craigslist is not a place for 14-year-old boys to wander unsupervised. If you do not monitor your children’s internet activities they could possibly end up in the truck of a child molester.

Also I don’t have to guess for too long which section of craigslist they Brousseau found his victim on. I’m guessing it wasn’t the furniture section. Craigslist still has a lot of cleaning up to do on their site.

UPDATE 11/10/2013: Brosseau was convicted late last month of one felony count of lewd acts upon a child, meeting a child with the intent to engage in lewd conduct and contacting a child with the intent to commit lewd acts. He’s looking at a paltry 5 years and few months. They should make him spend his prison time pantsless.

UPDATE 6/15/2014: Brosseau was sentenced to 3 years in state prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. California really needs to up the sentencing for scumbags like this.

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