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Jamie Rose Bolin

Okla. man appeals death penalty in child killing:

Back in 2006 in Purcell, Oklahoma Kevin Ray Underwood killed 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin. He beat her over the head with a cutting board, suffocated her, raped her after death, cut her neck down to the bone, kept her body in a Rubbermaid container while pretending to help search for her, and had planned on eating her. While her body was being kept in his home he blogged about trivial things like a new fossil that had been discovered.

He subsequently confessed, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. As most death row inmates do he’s now appealing his death sentence.

His attorney, who shouldn’t be able to sleep at night for defending this piece of filth, is claiming that the confession should have been ruled inadmissible and that one of the jurors withheld information.

The attorney’s main argument seems to be that a police roadblock was set up in an area that Jamie Rose was not seen at. The same roadblock where police first came into contact with Underwood.

These appeal processes for killers like Underwood always sicken me because a 10-year-old freckle faced girl can’t appeal her brutal murder and post-mortem rape and dismemberment.

What would a new trial bring anyway? He would be found guilty again and sentenced to death again. It’s not like there is some question that he didn’t do it. Her body was found in his home and he blogged about having cannibalistic fantasies. This is a waste of time.

One thought on “Kevin Ray Underwood appealing death sentence

  1. Jfaulkenberry1 says:

    The court system is a joke, they are using our tax dollars to try him again and he should already be dead. Jamie is!!!!


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