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This is a blog post from some Staten Island newspaper that is supposed to tackle the issue of bullying. That’s all well and good but when you’re blog post starts out with a false premise I find it hard to take the rest of the article seriously.

In today’s society that old rhetoric no longer holds weight as so many of these kids, especially those on the receiving end of a bully’s threats, taunts and physical abuse, have taken their own lives or lashed out at their bully with fatal consequences (case in point the Columbine massacre).

Emphasis mine.

I thought we were done with this by now. It’s been 11 years since Columbine and there has not been one shred of evidence to my liking that show’s that the cowardly scumbags Harris and Klebold were bullied at Columbine. However, there are mounds of evidence that shows that they were bullies themselves.

They were not the outcasts that they were so often portrayed to be. They had friends and in Harris’ case, he could have even been considered popular.

What really kills me is that this non-fact of them being bullied is still being flippantly used like it is fact. I wonder if the author of the article even bothered to research that little fact. Somehow I doubt it.

Columbine had nothing to do with bullying and had everything to do with two psychopathic losers who wanted to make a name for themselves as being mass murderers. By claiming they were bullied you do a disservice to true victims of bullying.

I’ve been slacking in this front the past few years because I thought the issue was dead. I guessed wrong and will have to keep up my vigilance on this.

15 thoughts on “11 years on the myth still lives

  1. Anonymous says:

    Journalists take this angle because it’s an easy story. It’s convenience. The Truth is never convenient and, most of the time, the truth doesn’t sell as well as the myth. What disgusts me are all of the kids (and adults) that think Klebold and Harris were martyrs.


    1. Yeah, don’t even get me started on that tangent or we’ll be here all night.


    2. RueMorgue says:

      What disgusts me are all the vacuous idiots that suck up Cullen’s bullshit with a spoon because he tells unthinking morons what they want to believe.


      1. Yeah, how dare he present those pesky….what do you call them? Oh yeah…facts.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Journalists take this angle because it’s an easy story. It’s convenience. The Truth is never convenient and, most of the time, the truth doesn’t sell as well as the myth. What disgusts me are all of the kids (and adults) that think Klebold and Harris were martyrs.


  3. Alyric says:

    Unfortunately, that particular myth will probably never die.

    It was created by the yellow journalism that took place 11 years ago while the shooting was still happening, when the media – absent facts – created a narrative that they sold to the nation, never bothering to set the record straight once the facts were available.

    It’s a pity this country’s reporters live by the creed “be first, not accurate”.


  4. criminal justice gra says:

    Actually one of kids that were in school at that unfortunate day admitted that he and others bullied those boys. It still is no excuse for shooting and killing people who had nothing to do with it. They are many ways to handle bullying. I would move to another school or attend college. I would file criminal harassment charges against my bullies. But killing them is no excuse. What ever happpened to old fashioned fights that resolved issues. Everyone remembers meeting a person after school to settle a score by boxing.


    1. llt says:

      Criminal, You are such an idiot. You can’t attend college until you graduate from high school or get a GED. What is your source material for your first sentence? I can’t stand you. You have proven yourself to be a moron over and over again.


    2. llt says:

      Oh and incidentally, Criminal, have you managed to obtain gainful employment in your field of expertise? HAH! I thought not!


  5. rebdomine says:

    there’ve been interviews where students of the ’99 class even say Eric and Dylan were atleast verbally bullied. I doubt they were lying.


  6. Guest says:

    What? Regina Huerter’s report found bullying. Brooks Brown, student at Columbine in ’99 and friend of Harris and Klebold claims bullying was a factor.

    The Trench Who are you, and where do you have any right to claim what is right and wrong?


    1. It’s always Brooks Brown that the myth believers cite. Brown is an unreliable source since Harris specifically let him live. He may feel that he owes Harris some kind of debt.

      And again where are the links?


      1. Kez says:

        Yes, but Brown paints a pretty unflattering portrait of at least Harris in his book I think he is rather reliable. Also, they may have had friends – as you state – but that doesn’t mean they were not bullied it’s very rare that anyone would have NO friends in high school I have never seen it happen, ever. But people are horribly tormented. Am I saying what they did was right? Of course not. But ostracization can easily push someone who may be not quite right already over the edge. And having been a former victim of bullying, I know from personal experience just how horrible it is, though as the years go on you realize it less and less. But do I understand how, if someone got to where they really felt they no longer had anything to lose, they could do that? Very unfortunately, yes. What keeps other people FROM doing it? Depends on the person. What makes other people, who may have suffered far less, go and do it? Who knows?


      2. Mari says:

        I dont see how that makes him un- reliable, though.

        As for bullying, yes I have a certain clue how horrible it is. I was abused both in middle school and in HS, really badly. I think that it can do damage if you are allready insecure.

        Do I think that its an adequate explanation for school shootings? No,theres much more going on. But some studies suggests that bullying is, nevertheless, part of the picture in many cases.

        Eric Harris was a likely psychopath. IDK how a psychopath will respond to bullying, but Langman says that both teasing, hes run in with authorities, etc, helped contribute to Harris wanting to get revenge. He detests authority, hes God, etc.

        Than theres Klebold, which is far more complex . Dylan was suicidal and depressed. And I believe that he got sucked into Eric.

        I tend to think that there may have been part of a perfect storm and that bullying was one out of several factors.


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