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John Hock. What emo douchebags look like in prison.

John Hock. What emo douchebags look like in prison.

22-year-old emo douchebag John Hock of Arizona was arrested back in 2009 for sexually assaulting his then girlfriend while she was passed out from drinking. Not only did Hock assault her while she was unconscious but he did so while live streaming it on the webcam site Stickam.

Hock was a minor Stickam celebrity/attention whore who had somewhat of following by other Stickam attention whores who came to his defense more or less blaming the victim for underage drinking instead of  focusing on the real crime.

Anyway the John Hock who so many thought should go free was sentenced this past week to 2 1/2 years behind bars with time served so he’s only really going to serve about a year.

Not enough if you ask me. Not only did he practically rape this girl but he did it live on the internet. However I’m guessing his effeminate mannerisms that he displayed on Stickam will make him some friends on the inside. It might be a long year for John Hock.

Since that time Stickam has cleaned up its act however it’s still not a site you should let your children on unattended.

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