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Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker

As most of you know Jade is my wife. She’s an amazing woman. I keep trying to get her to join the family business of crime blogging. She would be the best crime blogger out there if she was interested. But today we’re in for a rare treat as Jade is sharing her opinion on the Zahra Baker disappearance with us. -Trench

Right out of the box, let me tell you that I’m not the emotionless person I’ve been accused of being, but I do hide them well. As Trench will tell you, I show the emotions of a cactus. Every once in a while though, there will be a story that gets through my defenses. The story of Zahra Baker is one of those stories.

First to fail this precious little girl was her own mother, abandoning her shortly after birth. There’s a class act for you if there ever was one. According to CNN, she is aware of what has happened to her daughter. I wonder if she cares. I wonder if she can sleep at night.

Very little is published online about Zahra’s life in Australia with her father, Adam, other than her battle with bone cancer at the age of 5. She fought the cancer and won, but at the cost of losing one lower leg resulting in the necessity of a prosthesis and damaged hearing causing her to have to use hearing aids in both ears. Every picture I’ve seen of her she’s been a smiling, seemingly happy little girl. Very beautiful, almost angelic looking.

When Zahra was around 8, her father began a relationship online with Elisa “Last Name unknown at the time”. Apparently there were several marriages but according to a local news station her maiden name was Fairchild. Approximately 2 years ago, not long after the relationship started, it would seem, Elisa traveled to Australia and married Adam Baker. My first thought on viewing the wedding photo I saw online was “Dear Heavens, someone let the Gothapotamus off it’s leash and wrapped it in white satin.” If you don’t know what a gothapotamus is, Google it. You’ll understand then.

Soon the Baker family came to the U.S., settling in the Catawba County town of Hickory, N.C. From there Zahra’s life became very bad. Almost immediately there were accounts of abuse. One witness, married to Elisa’s nephew, said that everyone knew this would happen some day. If everybody knew, then why in the blue hell didn’t someone do something about it? How are you people sleeping these days?

There are rumors of an investigator of some sort visiting the house, but to my knowledge this investigator hasn’t come forward, or if they have it hasn’t been made public. She was reported missing on October 10, after reportedly being seen in bed around 2:30 that morning. Maybe someone can tell me why she wasn’t reported missing for 12 hours, because I can’t think of a good reason. It gets stickier though. The last time any one outside of the family could report seeing Zahra was late September. You can Google her name and get pretty much the whole story. But one of the horrible things is that cadaver dogs brought in hit on Adam’s boss’s truck almost immediately. The boss’s children were all safe and sound. The dogs also hit on a pile of mulch in front of a wood chipper.

So who did fail Zahra?

Mommy left her shortly after birth.

Daddy marries the Gothapotamus from hell.

Said Gothapotamus beats the child, keeps her in her room for hours daily, and neglected her severely. I would like to walk barefoot in the rain to Hickory right now and rip the rotten black thing that serves as her heart out of her chest with my bare hands.

Daddy doesn’t abuse her, but doesn’t do anything to stop the abuse. Turn in your man card please, along with your balls. I’d prefer those to be severed with a dull rusty grapefruit spoon.

Friends and family members notice the abuse and do nothing (at least that has been reported) but say they all saw this coming. I’m pretty sure their own souls are suffering punishment enough, but several lashes with a rubber chicken couldn’t hurt.

It’s pretty odd for me to cry over anything. Yet I find myself crying nightly over this beautiful little girl who had such a tragic life.

Who failed Zahra Baker? Dear Holy God, who didn’t? (Other than, in my opinion God Himself who welcomed her into His arms. You’re free to draw your own conclusions on that.)

14 thoughts on “Who Failed Zahra Baker?

  1. Great writing. I agree with everything that was said here. That little girl was failed but thank the Good Lord she suffers no longer.


  2. ihavekids2 says:

    Well said! No one in her life gave this little girl the care and love she deserved. Let’s hope THEY all get what they deserve for failing her so miserably.


  3. Jadecrowe says:

    what gets me is all the people who said they saw it coming…even the gothapotamus’s own daughter. obviously someone made a call since there was an investigator out there, but damn…if the state does nothing, KEEP CALLING!!!!! when the hell are people going to quit being afraid to get involved? the world needs more people like Victor Perez. if you don’t know who he is, he chased down a man who kidnapped an 8 year old girl in Fresno, resulting in the girl being found alive and the kidnapper/rapist being behind bars.


  4. Christine says:

    I thought I had read that friends and relatives had called CPS, but that the investigation did not result in action that would have saved that precious little girl.


  5. Anonymous says:

    “I would like to walk barefoot in the rain to Hickory right now and rip the rotten black thing that serves as her heart out of her chest with my bare hands.”

    If the Sheen Cow is guilty of this, I sincerely hope the inmates where she ends up abuse her severely and then kill her. And the same goes for him. God may forgive, but I don’t.


    1. Jadecrowe says:

      “God may forgive, but I don’t. ”

      i could not possibly agree with you any more.


  6. LVKim says:

    And here’s the really, really tragic part. Zahra was said to have always put others first, and did so many special things for people. With all of her suffering she’s described as being happy and optimistic. Apparently she had a pretty happy life in Australia, where she was apparently cared for, despite having a loser Dad. Too bad no one here could have been the one to save her. Could this story BE any more heartbreaking?!


  7. Ms. Mommy says:

    Over at the mother has been vetted and posting. She did not abandon her daughter. Adam kept Zahra from her and then left the country. Seems Zahra was being used as a weapon against her mother (form of abuse if you ask me keeping a child from a parent) before ever coming to the states.


    1. Elan says:

      At least you have the facts about biomom straight. Whoever wrote thee above article hasn’t done much research.


      1. April says:

        You know what – that’s why the articles are open for comments.  Often the readers will come across info that the authors don’t find.  Before you call someone out, you should know that.  I guess if you were a “regular” on this site you would have known that.  BTW – the little “X” is the right corner of the page was put there so that you don’t have to read sites that you don’t like.  Buh-bye.


        1. Deena says:

          Yeah that comment was pretty unneeded… it’s easy to criticize when you are not the one writing the story and or researching it.

          You can tell she is truly emotional thru out the whole post, and she has continued to update and write more on it.


          1. April says:

            Jade is amazing, and being Trench’s main squeeze – I think she knows how the whole blogging thing works.  Just because one sit claims that Mommy Dearest didn’t abandon her daughter, doesn’t make it factual.  Perhaps Jade is more concerned with posting actual facts and updates than a supposed drugged out egg donor defending herself for being absent while her daughter was murdered.


          2. Deena says:

            right on! you will get no argument from me!


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