The Columbine bullying myth in The Week


I’ve never heard of The Week. From what I can gather by doing no research whatsoever they are some kind of news and opinion magazine. Again like so many other news media outlets they may want to get some better fact checkers.

In this article or blog post they discuss the number of bullying stories in the news lately but once again the old mistaken chestnut is brought up.

Not since the Columbine massacre a decade ago, itself perpetrated by two bullied teens, has the topic been so much in the news.

If they had just removed the part where the Columbine massacre was perpetrated by two bullied teens that sentence would have been correct. It was a lot in the news back then. Now in this day of instant information we know that is not true. However some so-called journalists keep poisoning the information stream by claiming it as fact.

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  1. Muggle

    And it’s doing absolutely fucking nothing for victims of bullying.  The ONLY reason anyone is taking bullying seriously is because of that stupid-ass Columbine myth.  They don’t give two shits about the victim, they’re just scared that the victim will go open fire on their preshus snoflaykes.  


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