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myth is the website for the Hutchinson, Kansas newspaper. In this editorial about bullying legislation in Kansas once again they say that Columbine was caused by bullying.

It is easy to attribute the tragedy at Columbine High School to a couple of troubled kids, who played violent video games, listened to influential music and acted unspeakably. We found out shortly after the 1999 massacre, which injured 24 and left 15 dead, that the two shooters were subjected to bullying throughout their high school careers.

By now you should  know that is incorrect but what really surprised me was that one of the commenters on the article called the article to task for promulgating  the myth. This was from a commenter named Wally.

Bullying is a constant problem in every aspect of our lives, this not only includes school but places of employment, sporting events etc.

But the premise that Columbine was a result of bullying is false! Read Dave Cullen’s book Columbine and you will have to agree that Columbine was a result of a psychopath.

It seems that I’m not the only person out there dispelling this myth and it seems that both of us are also fans of Dave Cullen who I’ve referred to in the past as the ultimate Columbine mythbuster.

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