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Airport Security


There’s been a lot in the news lately about airport security. Actually it hasn’t been just lately. It’s been talked about since 9/11 and the talk has never been good with good reason.

Ever since 9/11 airport security has been nothing but reactionary. Since 9/11 was committed by terrorists with box cutters any item even resembling any kind of blade was not allowed on flights including the ever deadly nail clippers. After the Shoe Bomber we had to take off our shoes before boarding the plane. Then there were the guys in England who tried to board a flight with some kind of flammable liquids. That’s when they started making us carry only 3 oz. of any kind of liquid at one time. Then there was the Underwear Bomber and now we have the full body X-ray scans. The thing is I wouldn’t mind these breaches of privacy if they were actually effective.

As we’ve seen time and time again anytime they come up with a new security procedure someone else gets around it. Airport security is the biggest case of closing the barn door after the horses get out.

So what’s the alternative? In Israel rather than going through your stuff and scanning you they ask you a series of questions about your travel plans. It must work pretty good since Israel is a country that’s serious about security. Would Americans be willing to undergo that kind of scrutiny? Would they rather have their bags rifled through by a high school drop out with a government connection or answer a series of questions about their traveling? Knowing how touchy some of us Yanks can be I would bet they’d prefer the current systems of gropings, strip searches and naked pictures. God forbid they’re actually probed about their travel plans.

Why that’s just an invasion of privacy.

Review of Top Gear (America) on History


I’m a big fan of Top Gear on BBC. I’ve seen every episode and all the specials. What I’m not is a car guy. I watch Top Gear to see the interaction of the British hosts, James May, Richard Hammond and of course one of my heroes Jeremy Clarkson. There’s no better chemistry between any other TV show hosts….IN THE WORLD. (Top Gear fans will get that.)

However I was willing to give Top Gear America a shot especially since there won’t be new episodes of Top Gear until January. I went into it with my fanboyism aside. I looked at it like when a band replaces a lead singer and becomes an entirely different band. Much like when Black Sabbath replaced Ozzy with Dio. Two awesome bands with the same name but both still awesome. Top Gear America was not that awesome but still a pretty fun show. I definitely found myself smiling and chuckling at parts of the show but not busting a gut laughing like a do with their British forefathers. Then again it was only the first episode while the original has had 15 series. That’s about 7 1/2 seasons to us Yanks.

I liked most of the hosts however I felt the banter between them was way too scripted. While Adam Ferrara seems like a nice guy they need a bigger name to fill the Clarkson role. I thought Jay Leno would have been great for Top Gear America. While Leno’s comedy may be lackluster he knows a thing or two about cars and actually can be funny when he’s off the cuff. I actually liked Rutledge Wood because he seems like a big good ol’ boy which an American car show always needs.

It also seemed like they were trying too hard to be British Top Gear. I mean do we really need The Stig in America? We’re not really that much of a racing country outside of a NASCAR and The Stig won’t generate as much buzz here in the US as he has in the UK.

I thought the Buzz Aldrin interview was way too short. This is a man who is a national treasure and seemed like he was only on for about 5 minutes. I realize that with US TV you really have to pack as much in 45 minutes but again this is Buzz freakin’ Aldrin were talking about.

But again what it comes down to is will I tune in next week and from the teasers they showed about the upcoming episodes, yes, yes I will. If you really want to enjoy the show you just have to remember nothing is as good as the original Top Gear so just sit back and enjoy and leave your inner fanboy at the door.

Why prescription drugs are so expensive


I know no one asked but I’m going to tell you anyway. Do you know why prescription drugs are so expensive? It’s obviously not the research since so many drugs have side effects that are worse than the disease. I doubt it’s the ingredients either. The reason I think that the cost of prescription drugs are so high is the amount of promotion that pharmaceutical companies put into their products. I’m not even talking about the multi-million dollar commercials that you see on TV. I think those should be illegal but I digress.

The promotion that I’m talking about is the one that’s pitched to doctors and the medical community at large. Anybody who has ever worked at any kind of medical facility can tell tales of the onslaught of promotion that they receive from the drug companies.

First there’s the drug reps. These are ridiculously good-looking people whose sole purpose is to go to the doctors’ offices to try to get the doctors to use their drug. I imagine they have an equally ridiculous salary along with ridiculous travel expenses. If not I’m sure the drug companies are spending a lot of money creating these flawless people in their labs.

Then there’s the food. At some of the facilities I worked at drug reps would provide a catered lunch to the office staff at least once a week.

Most importantly there’s the toys. The drug reps come armed to the teeth with items branded with the drug’s name on it. Pen, pads, stress balls shaped like pills, stuffed toys that look like internal organs, clipboards, flashlights, frisbees, t-shirts, coffee mugs, tiny footballs, clocks, toy race cars, toy telescopes (that one actually came in handy), bouncy balls, bouncy balls that light up, pens that light up in different colors…well you get the idea.

So the next time you’re at the pharmacy and the fee for your prescription has gone up again just remember it’s because of a bunch of well fed medical employees with a lot of useless crap on their desks.

Pace U. official busted for child porn

David G. Watson

David G. Watson

UPDATE: Rye Brook Man Arraigned on Child Porn Charges:

62-year-old David G. Watson of Rye Brook, New York was recently arrested on child porn charges. He is/was the director of cultural affairs at Pace University.

Police say that Watson took out an ad out on craigslist looking for a “nubile girl next door.” Again the article doesn’t state what section of craigslist it was but again I can safely guess that it was casual encounters.

Anyway police responded to the ad and set up a meeting with Watson where he allegedly showed up at a hotel with “various images of minor children in sexually suggestive poses.” Which led to police searching his house which turned up a cache of child porn.

As I’ve sad closing down adult services isn’t enough. Casual encounters needs at least to be monitored by someone who is not part of ‘the community’ but if you ask me it should be shut down as well.

Craigslist rapist impersonated NYPD


Queens sex fiend Suraj Persaud told women he was cop before raping them:

You have to love the New York headlines. They tell it like it is.

Anyway 34-year-old Suraj Persaud of Queens, New York has been charged twice with raping two women from craigslist that he hired for massages. Persaud allegedly would produce a pair of handguns, a bulletproof vest and a PBA card claiming to be a cop and would threaten to have his victims arrested before raping them.

The District Attorney’s Office is asking that others who believe they might also be victims to contact the Special Victims Bureau at 718-286-6111.

These instances took place prior to craigslist shutting down adult services but it still gives a good indication of what kind of sub-human is still on craigslist looking for his next victim.

The healthcare war of attrition continues


A new wrinkle has developed with the company that I do annual enrollment for and I would imagine that other companies are doing it as well.

Last time I talked about how they were more or less excluding spouses from coverage in order to make up the cost for the mandate of covering adult dependent children. Now it seems that the children themselves are not immune from the cost cutting knife.

It used to be that if you had to cover children under your health insurance it was one price no matter how many children you covered. Whether it was one or one hundred you would still pay the same premium. Not anymore. For 2011 the company that I assist has instituted a new rule that if you have three or more children you have to pay an additional amount on your premium.

Again, if all the people clamoring for reform meant making healthcare even more expensive, then mission accomplished.

Conn. man arrested for BlogTV child porn


28-year-old William Stiefel, formerly of Torrington, Conn, was arrested earlier this month for allegedly being a prolific trafficker in child porn.

It seems that his want for child porn also took the form of the online live streaming version. Steifel allegedly cruised the live streaming video site BlogTV in order to get young boys to perform sex acts on cam. Police say that he also would get their contact information and call them offline.

Again, why do parents still allow children not only to have their own webcams but allow them to be used unmonitored. You might as well just invite a pedophile into your home and let them babysit your kids.

Zahra Baker round up

Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker

In the first part of this update we go to yet another letter that Elisa Baker wrote to the owner of a murderbelia site in which she tells the site owner that she “ain’t the monster people are saying.” It turns out that the murderbelia freak obtained these letters using the assumed name of Damian. How original. While these letters give us a great insight to the mind, or lack thereof, of Elisa Baker, how is this not interfering with an investigation? I’d hate to see this used as a reason that would allow the Sheen-Cow to escape justice.

Adam Baker claims he had no involvement in his daughter’s death but nowhere does he deny that he helped in hiding her body.

And lastly as if Elisa Baker’s character was in question enough it turns out she may be charged with bigamy. Allegedly she was already married to another man when she married Adam Baker. Between this, the fake ransom note, the phony checks and the getting $10,000 from a man in the UK this exemplifies the stereotypical characteristics of a career scam artist.

Foreman of Mumia jury speaks out

Officer Daniel Faulkner

Officer Daniel Faulkner

Once again Michael Smerconish of the Philadelphia Daily News has another great article on why the convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal’s cause celebre is such a travesty.

In his most recent article Mr. Smerconish talks to the foreman of the jury that convicted Jamal back in 1980.

I can never do an article like that justice but I will leave you with one quote from the article that will stay with me forever.

He recalled reading a book that included the axiom, “The end of a society is when the evil cannot be punished, nor the good rewarded.”

If Jamal is allowed to live that will be another step towards the end of society.

Michigan state employee caught being a MySpace creeper

Jon Schneider

Jon Schneider

Michigan State Police arrested 37-year-old Jon Schneider, of Rockford, Mich., for allegedly soliciting underage girls through MySpace.

Police say that Schneider was using his work computer at the Michigan State Treasury to engage in explicit conversations with underage girls under the nom de scum of Noah Bender. He is also said to have tried to meet some of these girls as well. Your tax dollars at work Michigan.

Police received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. When you receive a tip from them not only are you as good as busted but that puts you pretty high on the scumbag list. It didn’t take long for police to trace his IP address.

Anyone who has had contact with ‘Noah Bender’ online is asked to contact Michigan State Police at 616-647-0804.

Update 1/30/2011: Schneider has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in March 2011.