The 2010 Trenchie Awards

Once again it’s time for the 10th annual blog post that my wife likes the most, the 2010 Trenchie Awards.

Best Movie: Shutter Island. Sorry folks but I liked this movie. If you were one of those people who figured out the ending before the end of the movie I feel sorry for you. One of the greatest joys to me is being truly surprised by the ending of a good movie. I’m not a DiCaprio fan but I liked him in this. I didn’t see Inception.

Worst Movie: Iron Man 2. The acting was great, the cast was great, the effects were great, the writing just wasn’t there and I felt the ending was a little more than anticlimactic.

Best Album: 2010 was a great year in music for me. There were great releases by such bands as Fozzy, Overkill, Charred Walls of the Damned, and Stone Sour. However I’m going to bend the rules a little bit here because for the best album for 2010 was actually an album that came out in 2009. Jade and I attended a concert back in the fall that was opened by a band called Halestorm. I’ve been in love with the band ever since. Fronted by Lzzy Hale their self titled album is just pure raw rock at its best. A woman hasn’t rocked this hard since Joan Jett. Bands like Lacuna Coil, Flyleaf and Evanescence wish they could be half as talented and not over produced. And the great part is they’re even better live than they are in studio.

Worst Album: It seems they keep winning this category every year that they release a new album. The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden. I’ve loved Maiden since I was a kid. I saw them several times in concert back in the day but again they haven’t put out a decent studio album since 2000’s Brave New World.

Best TV Show: AMC’s The Walking Dead. Again the job of a good TV show is to keep my interest in tuning in again next week and The Walking Dead did just that. I think the fact that it only had a 6 episode season was a good thing too. No dragging shit out forever.

Worst TV Show: Top Gear America on History. Look, it’s not a bad show. I actually enjoy it but it’s Top Gear for people who have never seen the real Top Gear. It’s Top Gear Light.

Best Comic: Hey kids a new category. Since I started reading comics again I thought it was only natural. Anyway in 2010 I really enjoyed the Batman titles with Dick Grayson as Batman while Bruce Wayne was lost in time. Not a big fan of Bruce Wayne being lost in time though.

Worst Comic: Deadpool MAX. I get it. Deadpool is a goofy character and all but my problem wasn’t with Deadpool as much as it was with the supporting characters. It seems the writers had too much fun putting in gags about poop and sodomy. It was like a Kevin Smith fanboy tried to write a comic like Kevin Smith.

Dumbasses of 2010: Everybody who boycotted their local BP station. The only thing you were doing was taking the money way from a local business in a tough economy.

Most Inane Political Agenda of 2010: This is a two patrter. Not only does it go to the people who started the ‘Pray for Obama’s death’ Facebook page but also for the people who were outraged that probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if there was a pray for George W. Bush’s death Facebook group.

Biggest Jackass Celebrity of 2010: As much as I don’t want to recognize that their celebrities I have to go with the cast of Jersey Shore. I take umbrage to this program because I grew up on the South Jersey Shore, or as we call it…the beach. Only tourists call it ‘the shore’. And these assclowns and hambeasts aren’t even from New Jersey. They’re Bennies from New York.

That’s it for 2010. Don’t be a statistic on Amateur Night II and hopefully we’ll do this again next year for the 11th time.

James Paul Byrd ran real pedophile group on Facebook

James Paul Byrd

James Paul Byrd

Do you know how you get those e-mails or messages that say don’t join a certain Facebook group because it’s run by pedophiles and it turns out to be a hoax? It seems that for at least one Facebook group it wasn’t a hoax at all.

While he didn’t try to convince parents to join his Facebook group federal investigators say 38-year-old James Paul Byrd of Lincolnton, North Carolina ran a Facebook group in order to trade child porn with other pedophiles.

Byrd’s group was called  “little girls love to play to :)” and he belonged to another called “girls girls girls.” Byrd allegedly used the alias of  Stephanie Stewart. Also busted by the feds in the same operation were Michael Engelking, David Large, Brian Slott, Daniel Slott and Henry Wright. Investigators say that all six men used female aliases on Facebook while exchanging child porn with each other.

Did they really think by using female aliases that they would some how evade the authorities? They would have had a better chance if they dressed in drag at the time of their arrests. Now they’re going to be somebody’s girlfriend soon.

Breeder leaves child behind after fleeing from store security

LaQuinta Latrice Kemp

HPD: Shoplifting mom abandons 1-year-old in Macy’s to flee police:

Police in Houston, Texas arrested LaQuinta Latrice Kemp after she fled a Macy’s after allegedly being caught shoplifting. While making her escape police say that she hit a store employee and left a stroller behind that contained her 1-year-old son. Did I mention that this took place on Christmas Eve. I guess she should have gotten her Christmas shoplifting done early but I’m guessing she wasn’t looking for presents for others. At least she’s gone upscale from most of the shoplifting stories we get.

And while I’m at it what the hell kind of name is LaQuinta? Does she have siblings named Red Roof and Motel 6? Maybe she was named after where she was conceived.

Not surprisingly she has a previous record for burglary. She can now add a charge of child abandonment to her resume.

Thanks to Laura for the tip.

Safe Haven law makes for a touching L.A. Christmas

Mother gives hours-old baby girl to California firefighters:

We get a lot of feedback asking for more stories that have happy endings. Normally the stories we post on this site have very tragic outcomes but being in the spirit of the season, albeit belated, we have this story out of the City of Angels.

In Los Angeles on Christmas Eve a woman turned over an hours old newborn to a fire station. The baby was healthy and nicknamed Noel by the fire fighters for obvious reasons.

In California a baby can be brought to a fire station or hospital within 72 hours without the parent being charged.

This story has actually made me think of something. In the past we’ve talked about how there are safe haven laws in most states if not all of them however the laws need to be advertised better. My New Year’s resolution is to post more of these stories where a child was safely and legally taken to a safe haven to let people know that there are all alternatives to injuring or killing a newborn.

If we can get just one person to take a baby to a safe haven rather than dumping it we’ll have done our job.

Thanks to Jaymie for the tip.

California’s Safe Haven Laws

We get letters: Reader left Bad Boyfriend

In this e-mail a reader tells her tale about a Bad Boyfriend and how she did not stand for it…

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the bad breeders website. I am a single mother and this site really opens my eyes to the things that are out there.

I have dated one guy in the 3 years since my divorce. He was very verbally abusive and also he was very controlling of me. I make my own money and take care of my own child. Have my own house, my own car. No way do I need to listen to someone else tell me what I can and can’t do.

He also had a daughter and his daughter could do no wrong. Yet if my son were to do the same things he would yell at him. I hated seeing my son being treated this way so I quickly left this situation. Maybe women don’t have the self worth to get away from scumbags like that but I refuse to let it get any worse for my son and I. We do
just fine on our own. The more I read this site the more I am perfectly content with my peaceful life. I will never let someone treat my son in a bad way.

Once I realized that things were not getting better I had to leave that relationship alone. The final straw was when he decided he was going to spank my child for throwing up on the floor. My son was sick with a stomach virus and this fucker spanked him and left a huge bruise on him. I was so mad I left as soon as it happened. I didn’t even clean the puke off the floor. I haven’t talk to that loser since. I just hope that other women will take a look on this site and see what I see. I do not need a man to ‘help’ me with my child.

I would have never left my son with my ex boyfriend cause there is no telling what would have happened. More woman need to wake up and pay attention to the guys they are with. If he talks shit to your kid that you know is hurting your kid’s feeling, it’s just gonna get worse. Thanks so much for this site. It keeps me informed about the shitty guys that are out there and I don’t want any part of it.

I just signed in and will soon start commenting. I am ready to bash some abusing asshole heads. 🙂

I think I can speak for everyone here that we’re glad you’re here and hopefully your words will help other single parents to recognize when it’s time to get out of an abusive relationship not only for themselves but mainly for their children.

Village Voice Media asks for dismissal of child trafficking lawsuit

vvmedia Urges Dismissal Of Teen’s Sex Trafficking Lawsuit:

Rather than doing the right thing Village Voice Media has asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit against them filed by a girl who was trafficked on

Once again they’re hiding behind the Communications Decency Act. A law that was passed in 1996 which in internet years is a lifetime ago. But what the CDA doesn’t address is what if a website opens up a section for obvious illegal activity?

You would think that Village Voice Media would know that this would come as bad PR if it was actually reported except in industry circles. That’s how the problems with craigslist first started being reported. Unfortunately it took 2 high-profile murders for the rest of the world to catch up. Hopefully it won’t take the rest of the world that long to get on to backpage.

Rather than hiding behind an arcane law maybe they should do the right thing and shut down their adult section. You would think that they would have learned from craigslist’s mistakes yet here we are.

Blake Holmes charged with sexually assaulting underage Facebook friend

Blake Holmes

Blake Holmes

18-year-old Blake Holmes is from Anchorage, Alaska. He was staying with relatives in Ridgecrest, California  when he befriended two girls from Ridgecrest on Facebook. His new friends are 12 and 13.

One night last week police say that at 2am local time Holmes picked the two girls up in Ridgecrest using a truck that he stole from relatives. He then allegedly took the girls to Reno, Nevada where he sexually assaulted (raped) one of the girls. In case you’re wondering that’s a 340 mile trip one way and let us not forget that is also crossing state lines with a pair of minors.

When cops caught up to him in Reno he had dumped the girls somewhere. I guess since he got what he was looking for he dumped them.

Now before anyone even dares defending this piece of filth just shut up right now. 5 or 6 years is a big difference in age when you are that young. Neither of these girls were at the age of consent and most age of consent laws allow a three year cushion, not 5 or 6 years. Again, you don’t have to be a creepy old man to be a pedophile.

4 arrested in AK craigslist child sex abuse case


Men arrested in child sexual abuse case:

Police in Anchorage, Alaska have arrested 4 men charged with having some kind of sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy.

20-year-old Brandin Carpenter is said to have been a family friend of the boy and has been charged with sexually assaulting him.

23-year-old Samuel Bair was arrested after soliciting the boy for sex over craigslist. The boy is said to have placed an ad on craigslist for sex.

26-year-old Yasin Soofizadeh and 49-year-old Nathan Merkel were arrested after they allegedly responded to ads placed by police posing as the boy. This leads me to believe that these two possibly could have previously abused the boy and police posed as the boy to fish them out. That is purely speculation on my part however.

But this story goes to show two things. The first is where were this boy’s parents to allow him to post on craigslist? I don’t blame the boy for posting on craigslist because I would bet that he was initially corrupted into that lifestyle by his so-called family friend. Secondly again where was the so-called community policing by craigslist. If this was posted in either the personals or the casual encounters section why was the ad not flagged by the community. It’s because the community doesn’t care about 14-year-old boys unless they’re shopping for one.

As I keep harping craigslist has a long way to go in cleaning itself up.

A Thank You and a cautionary tale…

We received the following e-mail from a reader who fell victim to a bad boyfriend. I’m just going to let the e-mail speak for itself…

Hi, I just wanted to take the the time out and let you know that I commend you for your work on the Bad Breeders website. I find myself strangely drawn to that site, even though the stories are horrible and make me sick. I believe the reason for that is I could have very well been one of those dumb mothers I so often read about there.

PLEASE, PLEASE continue to stress to these women that you have to be very careful about who you have around your children! And you don’t have to necessarily be as ignorant, selfish, or cruel as the mothers in some of your stories. Sometimes these sociopaths are so manipulative and cunning, they can make even a loving, reasonably intelligent mother blind. I fell in love with a convicted sex offender who managed to convince EVERYBODY that his conviction was just one of those situations where he was eighteen years old and took nude photos of a consenting sixteen-year-old girl. I checked the court records myself, and saw that indeed there was only a two year age difference between the two. When he was released, he didn’t even have to attend his mandatory sex offender counseling, because his parole officer and the sex offender counselor were both convinced by this man. He appeared to be a very nice, sweet, charming man who had made some mistakes but was trying to better himself. He liked kids, often spending time with kids from troubled homes or with busy parents, out the so-called goodness of his so-called heart. We had a daughter of our own. When my daughter was still a baby, I found out he was cheating and moved out. I thought it a bit suspect that the girl he cheated on me with was only about 20, and he was 32, but still, although it’s a big age difference and speaks of incredible immaturity on his part, it wasn’t a criminal act and didn’t stop me from leaving my child with him. Just like some of your featured bad breeding moms, I would go to work and leave my baby with this scumbag all day. To make a long story short, videotapes were discovered of him not only having sex with his teenage niece, but some of his niece’s friends and another relative. All these filthy shenanigans were going on in the home with my daughter there, and a lot of it happened when I still lived there, while I was sleeping or at work. It sickens me to know what my baby was exposed to, and it sickens me to think of him molesting his own niece while I was was asleep in the same house. I feel horrible for the children he abused, but I thank God every day that my child didn’t get a chance to be one of them. She was only a baby, and apparently he liked young teen girls, but I’m positive that if he was around when my daughter turned 10, 11, 12 years old, she would have been the one on those videos. He is now in jail on child porn and sex abuse charges.

Some of us women have an incredible soft spot and always want to believe and sympathize with someone’s hard luck stories, but we as mothers have to be incredibly skeptical and vigilant. I’ve learned to trust my instincts 100%! We KNOW when something’s not right. We just talk ourselves out our own feelings. “Oh, maybe he didn’t mean it like that.” “Oh, maybe I’m just paranoid.” Or we let the man talk us out of our feelings. Now, I don’t give a damn if he really didn’t mean it like that or if I am just paranoid. I don’t give ANYBODY the benefit of the doubt anymore, not when it comes to my child. If I’m wrong, so what. All that happens is I may have hurt somebody’s feelings. But if I’m right, and don’t act on it, then it’s my baby that’s hurt. And I’d rather hurt somebody’s feelings than see my child hurt any day. My daughter is an amazingly beautiful, smart, funny, and lovable 5 year old today. She could have been one of those poor children, beaten, shaken, raped, even killed, because I trusted a child abuser with her life. Women need to do background checks, and don’t let a man convince you how it wasn’t their fault. All criminals have a sob story, and some a pretty damn convincing one. But it’s nearly always a lie. Some other things to look out for are men who don’t interact appropriately with children–either being too irritable, impatient, or getting unreasonably angry about minor things, or the other end of the spectrum, the ones who go out of their way to hang out with kids and seem to prefer them to adults, and act unusually immature for their age. Or just being inappropriate in general–in this case, I remember my ex talking about how he had to tell a (female) friend’s 10 or 11 year old daughter all about starting her period and how to take care of herself–most men would rather cut their own throat than be anywhere around a discussion about a period, and what man would take it upon himself to have such an intimate discussion with a young girl? Not like the child didn’t have women in her life she could have asked. But I brushed it off as being stupid and ignorant and didn’t see it as perversion or sickness. Now I see things a lot different. I wouldn’t advise leaving your child alone with ANYONE who isn’t a trusted family member or a licensed childcare provider, unless you’ve really done your homework.

A lot of your stories have parents who are cruel and sadistic, but some could be misguided and gullible as I was. Those are the stories that we can eliminate, if we can just convince women to be VERY careful of who’s around their kids! And please keep your website going. As horrible as these stories are, maybe the more of them we hear, the more careful we will be with our precious children.


Cynthia Hudson sentenced to life for killing her adopted son

Lusted and busted

Texas jury finds mother GUILTY of murdering adopted son:

Around this time in 2008 I wrote one of my better written posts about 13-year-old Samuel Hudson. Samuel was an adopted child who was killed by his adoptive mother, Cynthia Hudson.

In my original post I detailed the torture and abuse that Samuel endured all because his allegedly Christian adopted mother lusted after the boy. She had a paddle named ‘Come to Jesus’ and locked Samuel and her other kids in what she called the ‘Prayer Room’.

The good news is that she’s been found guilty for Samuel’s murder. The bad news is that she got life without parole. Prosecutors did not seek the death penalty. While Texas is big on the death penalty but they wimp out on it when it comes to women.

What they should do since she perverted the word of God according to Christians is that they should bring back a little Torquemada type justice.

Thanks to Stewart for the update.