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Aaron Witte

Aaron Witte

Back when MySpace was at its peak I had a rule that I would not accept any friend requests from people under the age of 19. I mean how would it look if a guy who rallied against MySpace predators had underage kids as his MySpace friends? Apparently, Aaron Witte of Phoenix had no such rules.

Witte was recently arrested for having sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old runaway girl. He allegedly met the girl on MySpace back in April of this year and when the girl ran away being the altruistic man that he is Witte said that she could stay with the 41-year-old man. I’m sure never did he ever think of taking advantage of the young girl. Well, he allegedly did as he supposedly had sex with her each time that she ran away between April and December of this year. That makes me wonder if he had anything to do with the girl running away in the first place. Once again I also have to ask where was this girl’s family that would let her run away to this molester’s home every time?

4 thoughts on “Aaron ‘Nit’ Witte busted for doing runaway MySpace teen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its funny how i came across this stupid write up. Of course you didn’t have the facts before you wrote this crap. Because you would have known that she had 13 cases pending against her for prostitution at the time. She didn’t need any help she was trouble all on her own. I am so tired of FAKE NEWS.


    1. So let me get this straight. It’s the girl’s fault because she was a child prostitute? Am I reading that right?


      1. Anonymous says:

        Isn’t that victim blaming?


        1. That’s what it sounds like to me.


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