Add another craigslist killer (serving life) to the list

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe

Man found guilty in Craigslist slaying:

Man convicted of Craigslist murder gets life:

This past week Nathaniel Edwin Briscoe was convicted in the Austin, Texas murder of craigslist prostitute Amy Elizabeth Dickey and sentenced to life in prison. It’s a shame he didn’t get the death penalty.

Briscoe strangled Dickey using his bare hands and choking her for five minutes after ordering her services off of craigslist.

With the closing of adult/erotic services worldwide just think how many murders will be prevented. Then think how many could have been prevented if craigslist closed it down sooner or never opened one in the first place.

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  1. S Carpenter

    Men have never been comfortable with female sexuality. Women are, according to the faith of our ancestors, forced to repress their sexuality. Ignoring the fact that women were meant to be with men, our society forces a perverse mentality that creates the illusion of crime around a woman’s sexuality. While sexuality is often times controlled by men regardless, this is not written in stone. It is the extension of social controls originally made for men and by men.

    We live in a society which seeks to program female thinking. Criag’s list is in fact, the free expression of female and male sexuality, sometimes perverse, but nevertheless, unquenchable. Repressive sexuality can be linked to even greater crimes against women of rape, homosexuality and a perverse mentality of machismo which empowers criminality.

    The idea that Craig’s list is a problem for law enforcement is crazy. It clearly identifies people, places, communications and the like for easy law enforcement in the event of a real crime, i.e., assault.

    Further, an easier association of men and women is healthy, especially in a society full of diversity and conflicting values. The one thing we all have in common is our own human-ness. This should not be obstructed by a confusing signal about our own sexuality, that it is wrong, illegal or harmful. It just isn’t. There is a place for it. Ancient societies had no such parameters. In a post Christian morality, it should be acceptable since all other kinds of unacceptable behavior are now the norms.

    The treatment of women in general by men can be even more scrutinized by such free association. It challenges our legal parameters but unveils our spirituality and our “spirit of respect” between people, sexes and so forth. True spirituality is never divorced between men and women. The act of union is a spiritual as well as physical act, the act of spiritual union, whether through sexuality or internally uniting this energy it is the same.

    The problem with our leadership is that they are a lost cause. They do not understand themselves, their spiritual nature or even what freedom is. They are a ship without a rudder, and the latest attack on freedom is just another nail in the coffin of democracy–the voice of the people. We are quickly closing down any truly free voices.


    Women have a long history of abuse even without Criags list, so don’t blame them.

    1. C Robinson


  2. Pattaya

    Funny, most of the highlighted crimes about Craigs List are coming from America. Women are quite available in Europe, they prostitutes stand OUTSIDE THE VATICAN IN ROME, in Russia they are everywhere, in Asia finding a woman is no problem, in AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE, somehow we develop a political/theological belief system which seizes every crime as proof of the necessity for repression of sexuality. SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, WHERE SEXUAL promiscuity in America started. Just ask the King family who was the most famous sexually promiscuous minister of the era? Why it was Martin.

    Just ask the old Southern whites why they repressed blacks…to protect the women!!! As the early sixties came upon us, so did the Elvis Presleys, immitations of black sexuality which can be seen today in tribal dances among aboriginese in Africa. It has a contagious aspect to it, sexuality does. Our Puritanical heritage can not compute.

    1. Trench Reynolds

      That may be one of the most bizarre and offensive comments I’ve veer gotten.

  3. C Robinson

    This article is fucking ridiculous for many reasons…..

    1. Trench Reynolds (Post author)

      Please enlighten me as to why it’s so ridiculous.


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