OKC man admits to conning people on craigslist to change his diaper


Oklahoma City man admits conning baby sitters by posing as autistic and wearing diapers:

While we may be celebrating the demise of the erotic services section worldwide let’s not forget that there are still dangerous predators out there on craigslist.

For example there is 21-year-old Mark Anthony Richardson Jr. of Oklahoma City. He conned people on craigslist into thinking that he was Autistic and needed constant diaper changing. Except Richardson didn’t have any kind of digestive problem, he was in it for his own sexual gratification.

The diminutive Richardson (4’9″) would respond to baby sitting ads on craigslist posing as the father of an autistic 19-year-old boy who still wore diapers and drank formula from a bottle. Now I’m not a medical expert and I don’t know a lot of people with Autism but I’ve never heard tell of this kind of behavior with people who are afflicted with it.

Anyway Richardson would get off from crapping himself and being changed and in one instance he grabbed the breast of an 18-year-old girl who was the daughter of one of his baby sitters.

Not surprisingly Richardson is on probation for arson charges. You know that some experts say that arsonists have severely screwed up sexual problems right?

Anyway being the baby that he is Richardson has his mommy defending him…

His mother said Friday he needs psychological help at a mental institution, not to be sent to a hard-core prison with murderers and rapists who could kill him. She would not disclose her name.

“He has some mental disabilities. He’s had them since he was born,” she said. “This is not your average, everyday, walking-the-street citizen. … He lives in a fantasy, not a reality.”

No, he’s a firebug pervert who was a short trip away from becoming a full-blown rapist.

Seriously people. Don’t advertise your baby sitting services on craigslist. That’s like the Road Runner advertising himself in the Coyote Times.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you’re me, Richardson was not the first craigslist pants crapper. That honor belongs to one Sean Kelly of Florida.

Thanks to April and Nicole for the tip.

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