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Lastaria Brown

Last week here in Charlotte, NC it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. I’m from up north so when I say it’s cold it’s cold.

Apparently that didn’t matter to Lastaria Brown (how do you even pronounce that?) of West Charlotte who was arrested last week on child neglect charges. It seems her 3-year-old and 18-month old were found out in the 20 something degree (F) weather in just their diapers. An 11-month-old (do the math on that one) was found to be inside the home. I couldn’t find word on where Ms. Brown was at the time but I’m hoping she wasn’t getting her hair done and if she was she needs to get her money back.

Brown was arrested back in June for similar charges when she allegedly left the kids home alone then. No word on why Brown still had the kids.

Thanks to our own Deena for the tip.

11 thoughts on “Local Breeder leaves kids out in the cold

  1. Dannys_wife254 says:

    I just wanna slap that bitch repeatedly until that smirk is knocked off her face and her cheeks are as bright pink as that cheap ass weave!!! What a stupid cow…


    1. Digchild says:

      You are right.No decent mom would leave her kids in the cold and then go her merry way.Also,I think the 11-month-old could have been a friend’s or relative’s kid that she was supposed to caring for,but not her kid.In any case,I hope CPS doesn’t give her kids back to her and I hope the other kid is being loved and cared for.


  2. Cridgaway says:

    How are parents allowed to keep their kids after leaving them home alone at that age? I look back on some things when my sister and I were children, and I remember CPS coming out to investigate my dad when my parents were split. We were supposed to be living with my grandparents, but since grandma had breast cancer, we were staying with my dad with no lights, no water, no groceries, etc. CPS NEVER asked me where we were staying. They came to grandpa’s house, made us strip down to panties, saw no bruises and left. If the lady had asked me at 6 years old, I could have informed her how we were living. I could have told her that all of our toys and furniture had disappeared one day. I could have told her that I was walking my 4 year old sister across a major street to a gas station to BATH her in the bathroom… These babies need to be removed from that house before the 3 year old becomes the parent.


  3. April says:

    Lah-stah-ree-uh? Who the fuck knows. She looks like a defiant c*** that needs the shit kicked out of her.


    1. Madison says:

      what a hambeast. what a stupid weave. i just cant believe what a bitch this bitch is. and she does look all defiant! i will help kick the shit out of her with you April.


  4. Shal says:

    I believe it would be (Lah-star-ee-uh).

    CPS should have removed them the first time!! WTF??? Hopefully, they’ll take them this time and sever this bitches rights!!


  5. Steve says:

    I think we need a new subsection here Bad parents/Bad hair as there seems to be an awfully strange correlation between the two.


  6. Anonymous says:

    The kindergarten class called; they want their pink yarn back.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Lastaria sounds like a bacterial infection. Oh wait, that would be Lesteria. Close enough as either will make you as sick as a dog. Bah!


    1. April says:

      Haaaahaaaaaa.  Lesteria might be related to her.


      1. Clevo says:

        And really, These people make up these names I swear.
        When I was a nursing student I had a patient in OB who wanted to name her daughter Vagina. Guess who got to explain to her why that would not be a good idea and what terms I had to use to explain it to her so she could understand.
        It’s downright pitiful.
        They need to stop this moronic naming contest. Whoever started should be shot! AND when named something totally senseless and stupid they should legally change it or get out of the gene pool.
        This chick needs to lose those kids. Permanently.


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