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Men arrested in child sexual abuse case:

Police in Anchorage, Alaska have arrested 4 men charged with having some kind of sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy.

20-year-old Brandin Carpenter is said to have been a family friend of the boy and has been charged with sexually assaulting him.

23-year-old Samuel Bair was arrested after soliciting the boy for sex over craigslist. The boy is said to have placed an ad on craigslist for sex.

26-year-old Yasin Soofizadeh and 49-year-old Nathan Merkel were arrested after they allegedly responded to ads placed by police posing as the boy. This leads me to believe that these two possibly could have previously abused the boy and police posed as the boy to fish them out. That is purely speculation on my part, however.

But this story goes to show two things. The first is where were this boy’s parents to allow him to post on craigslist? I don’t blame the boy for posting on craigslist because I would bet that he was initially corrupted into that lifestyle by his so-called family friend. Secondly again where was the so-called community policing by craigslist? If this was posted in either the personals or the casual encounters section why was the ad not flagged by the community? It’s because the community doesn’t care about 14-year-old boys unless they’re shopping for one.

As I keep harping craigslist has a long way to go in cleaning itself up.

2 thoughts on “4 arrested in AK craigslist child sex abuse case

  1. Warmotor says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. While this site is obviously anti-craigslist and dangerously close to stepping all over the first amendment rights of Americans everywhere… I don’t really think we need to make the net any EASIER for perverts to hurt kids either.

    Then there is the assertion that a 14 year old looking for gay sex has been ‘corrupted’, which kind of reeks of religious influence. Some people are just gay, and when I was 14 I was doing all I could to get some action. It’s up to the adults around the hormonal teenage population to protect them and put those who would harm them in JAIL.

    I can’t decide if I dislike this site for slamming an open community (in favor of corporate alternative, no doubt) or for pointing out how many people out there just generally suck as human beings.


    1. I don’t see how this site is dangerously close to stepping all over the first amendment considering I am not an arm of the government and I have never called for craigslist to be shut down. I have said many times before that craigslist should practice safer and better business practices without having the government to get involved yet they continue to refuse to do so.

      Also you are putting words into my mouth by asserting that somehow I think a gay teen is corrupted because he is gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. While I am somewhat of a religious man I was taught to hate the sin not the sinner. As I mentioned the real tragedy here is that not only did predators prey on this kid but it also seems like that his parents did very little to protect him.

      While I’m all for open online communities craigslist has gotten way too corrupt to keep operating the way it has been. And the only alternatives that I endorse are ones that were started by a single person trying to improve on what is obviously a failed product. And if you don’t think that craigslist isn’t corporate you have a lot of learning to do.


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